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You have to place them again. Just copy and paste if it’s the same scene.

Yea, that is what i do

How do you make a character sit? I badly need help!
EDIT: I should have made this more clear, I need a code for it.
- Emma Starr

Look for an animation that says sit and then pick one you want THEN play with spot directing till you get what you want!

We do have behaviors for sitting :slight_smile:
It depends which style you’re using.

Also, you can make an illusion the sit behind something by using Spot Directing

Would this work?

@ELLE is idle_lay_exhausted in zone 2

No. :disappointed:
@ELLE stands screen center/left/right in zone 2 AND ELLE is idle_lay_exhausted

(It’s a laying animation so you have to use spot directing to make her lay where you want)

Which background are you using?

An uploaded one…

So you have to use spot directing to place her where you want.

Okay so what does Invalid Slots mean?

Never seen this error before :thinking: @Dara.Amarie ?

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Can you post a screen shot of that error message and where in your script it’s coming from?

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how do u do this? Like make one

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whats the animation when the guy is clapping?



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WHat’s going on?

You either misspelled DARRYL or you have not created a character named DARRYL yet.