Suggestions for INK

Here are some things that would be cool for episode INK.

  • Body Shapes.
  • More underwear for male and female.
  • Animated Backgrounds.
  • Tattoo’s for male and female.
  • Peircings for male and female.
  • More props.
  • Some new hairstyles and lip colours for winter.
  • New winter clothes.
  • More pajama’s for male and female.
  • Clothes for different cultures.
  • Henna designs.
  • Nails?
  • More jewelry.
  • More accesories in general.
  • More diverse maybe?
  • Face details, like freckles ect.
  • More backgrounds and overlays.
  • Baseball caps for male and female.
  • More hairstyles for male.
  • More make up, like adding eyelashes, blush ect.
  • Add our own music. (But make sure it’s won’t get copyrighted)

Any more suggestions? Comment them!
Please like and support. :smiley:
These are just my ideas, they are also really hard to make.
Just suggestions! Bye!


These are all great suggestions which I SUPPORT! But I think INK is done being updated… :frowning:


I know, thanks though! But it’s worth a shot haha. :heart:

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BUMP! I love this!

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Aw thanks. x

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I support this but, if they decide to update again, they will probably update limelight and not ink but it’s worth a try

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Closed as there is a section for requesting updates to Episode: Feature + Art Suggestions. Please check out the Feature Request Guidelines and search the forums for duplicate requests before creating a request. Thanks :slight_smile:

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