The Dumb solutions game

Don’t worry snatch someone else’s (great thing is you don’t have to pay for it yeah🤣)

I lost my voice :confused:

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Just whistle for it and it’ll com running back

My phone cracked

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Put some tape on it

The wind won’t howling

Just send out a tornado warning to the White House

I accidentally cut off my finger

Do you want me to staple it,

I punched my crush’s bodyguard…

Just pretend that you were going in for a fist bump

I spilled milk on my mom

Say sorry and run

My head stuck in my pink top

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No worries, you can use it as a mask
My internet connection is slow

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that’s a great idea :joy:.

Then you can try to nick name it as rabbit, who knows it’ll actually gets faster.

I WANT TO EAT CHOCOLATE…:frowning: but all shops are closed and I can’t buy them online :cold_face:

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Climb a cocoa bean tree, grab some beans and make your own chocolate.

A monkey ran away with my hat? :monkey_face:

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Just football tackle it to the ground and steal its banana

My wig was snatched

Make some play dough hair to put in its place :upside_down_face:

My back hurts

do a backflip to loosen it up
i cant do long distance runs

Then go for a long distance walk :upside_down_face:

My cat scraped me :pleading_face:

then buy a dog to get your revenge c:
i cant memorize the key points for my exams

Then bring a key :key: with you and that should jog your memory

My room look like a bomb :bomb: hit it

Call the bomb squad. Accept defeat. Steal your parents room.

My assignment is taking me too long :sob:

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Tell the teacher that your dog ate it
I need to pee but the bathroom door is jammed

Do the pee dance :upside_down_face:

I can’t reach the light switch

Turn the light on to look for it

I have nothing to wear