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here are some paragraphs from a blog i found. please stay safe!!

major arteries, stay away from them

“Know where your major arteries and veins are, and be sure not to cut over them. It’s best to avoid cutting near them altogether, if possible.”

scars/involuntary hospitalization

“Be aware of where you cut, as it will leave visible scars. Self-injury is often criminalized, and fresh cuts can lead to involuntary hospitalization in some cases.”

metal allergies

“Be aware of the material your blades are made out of if you have metal allergies. Most blades are made with stainless steel to my knowledge, but it never hurts to check.”

first aid supply list

"Some of these may not be available to everyone, however it’s a good idea to try and have some around if cutting is something you do often.

Bandages (including elastic bandages)
Antiseptic (bactine or 70%+ isopropyl alcohol are suggested. iodine can be used if nothing else is available, but be aware that they induce scarring and increase healing time. also if possible, rinse with warm water, and wait a day or two then wash it with soap as well.)
Alcohol wipes
Clean blades, non-serrated, preferably single-edge."

crisis situation first aid steps

"Sometimes, severe cuts or other injury can cause your body to go into hypovolemic shock. Shock is life threatening and can kill you. If you think you are going into shock, call an ambulance. Shock tends to make itself worse, so it is critical to get medical attention quickly.

Symptoms of shock may include:

confusion, restlessness & irritability
dizziness, faintness & nausea
pale, clammy, moist skin
cold & mottled skin, especially in extremities
rapid breathing
rapid, weak pulse
Treating shock:

Call 911
Lie down
Control external bleeding (see below)
Try to maintain body temperature. If you notice you are experiencing hypothermia, try to cover yourself with a blanket or something similar.
Do not eat or drink, even if you feel thirsty which will be likely.
Do not raise your head.
If possible, try to keep your legs elevated about 12 inches.

If a cut won’t stop bleeding, first try pressing cloths, paper towels, or any sort of substitute bandage directly on top of the wound. Then, place a large object (like a balled-up sock) over the bandage, and wrap the entire thing tightly in an elastic bandage (or, if not available, gauze). Keep the wound above your chest and check in about 10-15 minutes. If it’s still bleeding, re-wrap it and go to an emergency room.


Infected cuts are a big risk should you be unable to keep cuts or wounds clean. This applies to small cuts and wounds just as much as larger ones that may need stitches. That said, infection can be easily avoided under most circumstances.

If a cut or wound is infected, it will likely show some of the following:

Drainage & Pus
Local Fever (meaning that the cut will feel hotter than areas around it)
Increased or Sustained Pain
Bad Odor
Not Healing
Should an infected wound go untreated, it may end up becoming a full-body infection, which can cause serious problems and needs immediate medical attention. Warning signs for a full-body infection are:

Fever (over 100°F)
Those with decreased immune function should take extra care to prevent infection as you will be at higher risk. It is important to change wound dressings (bandages, cloth, etc.) daily, and wash your hands and the wound before touching the wound or applying dressings each time. If a wound gets infected, try to find antibiotic ointment of some kind (which you can get at most drug stores or some supermarkets.) If you develop a full-body infection, oral antibiotics should be taken (unless you have an allergy or they will cause complications for you). That said, it really is best to see a doctor or go to the emergency room in this case, but I also know that far too often it’s just not feasible, especially without a stable income, housing, or insurance. So please, take care of yourselves and don’t let something go too long without help if you can help it."

again, you really shouldn’t cut. it’s not safe, no matter how many precautions you take


This guy might need evaluation by a professional. It makes no sense to behave that way to someone he just met. Maybe he is just rich and spoiled, but maybe there is a condition affecting him that needs to be dealt with. There could be people at his (your?) school who can help.


It sucks doesn’t it. I remember going to my intake and that morning felt like hell. I wondered if every time I went to the therapist, it’d be like I died 10 times over…


i’m so sorry, i was joking and mocking people who think you can cure depression easily like by drinking water.

please never cut. that’s never the way to go when you’re in a bad situation. situations are never permanent. you don’t want to die, you just want to stop the hurting. and you can do that, and find yourself a better place in life. i believe in u. i love u. talk to me whenever. i’m always here if you’re lonely or need a shoulder to cry on. always.


take all the time you need!

you probably won’t read this, but…
thank you so much for being the lovely mom of the thread!! i appreciate all the advice you generously gave out and the people you made feel better when i wasn’t there to do so
i made this thread on the old forums in 2015 just because i was mad my sucky episode stories weren’t getting reads, but the thread has definitely became more important and meaningful because of everyone who comes here to rant and the presence of helpful people like you
i think you’ve inspired a lotta people here to give advice and support our fellow forum friends too, and you’ve made an impact here in the best way.

i try to make this a positive environment it here, but i understand how negative and sometimes toxic this thread can become for someone who visits and participates daily.
as helpful as you are, even moms need to relax too! you deserve to find your own source of healing and to take your own break. rest those typing fingers and that insightful mind to deal with yo own stuff :herb:

you’ve already done above and beyond for this thread, and there’s no need to worry about leaving anything or anyone behind.
the ranting fam will still be here whenever you feel well enough to come back and we will welcome you back with hugs


  1. please add a trigger warning and use the “blur spoiler” or “hide details” option if you want to mention a method of self-harm (just keeping the community safe— i’m not chastising ya)

  2. @stronglcve and @theother51 gave some really good advice for dealing with self-harm. if you’d like, you can also check out the self-harm recovery link here (it’s also in the original post, aka the very first post) there are much better alternatives than doing what you are right now, and there is help you can get and people you can talk to :cherry_blossom: it might seem hard, but i believe you can let go of that unhealthy way to cope


It’s OK.

Thank you…


It does. I feel completely worthless. No one would care if I disappeared…


Is chest pain normal?..


Thank you.


no undiagnosed pain should be considered normal, friend. i don’t know if you’re being serious, or trying to make a point, but for the record, i personally don’t know anything about self harm. of course, i’m totally willing to look anything up if it could help you. if pain starts to be concerning in a medical way, please tell someone who can help you irl. :orange_heart:

i don’t know you well, or much at all, but it’s worrying to hear about your struggles. take care of yourself, okay? you deserve to be happy just as much as anyone else. :hugs:


Awww, thanks. But yes, I’m serious. The site seems legit


im glad, i hope you can find something you like on it!


So imma start my first rant with how awful people can be. Just the other day, I was walking down the street with my friend and some guys called her out for being ‘spotty’. She felt so self conscious afterwards that she didn’t want to go to the cafe and she started crying. I was soooo pissed off at those boys.

Okay, boo. First of all, if it can’t be fixed in 30 seconds, don’t comment on it!

i’m sure people realise their flaws and insecurities already, so why point them out?
Just keep yo nasty ass comments to urself honey. Words alone can seriously damage someone’s self esteem and mental health! You have no idea how much words can hurt somebody.

My friend is very healthy, In fact, I often make fun of her jokingly at how she’s eating a salad while my fat ass is inhaling a KFC. So her spots aren’t caused by an unhealthy diet. And she also washes her face as often as anyone else so it’s not that she’s unhygienic either!

She knows she has acne, so why point it out? It’s not as if she can wipe it off with a makeup wipe! It’s the same with when people comment on weight, religion, sexuality like STFU it’s who they are, or it’s not their fault! Leave them the fuck alone!


I agree! While its true that Actions speak louder than words, but words also have the power to scar a person. Its better to keep our unnecessary comments to ourselves rather than blabbing them out in public. Cuz physical scars may fade away after time, mental scars don’t…

And…I’m pretty sure that there’s another Ranting Thread on the forums (not to be rude or anything :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) Feel free to check it out and rant away all you want!!! Its a GREAT therapy, yo!!!




I don’t ever let random people get to me-you’ll always have fools who will judge you, whether it’s out of jealousy (most likely) or their own insecurities (they want to feel better about themselves). These “humans” that bullied your friend “wasted” their time-they gave attention to someone else when they could have been doing other things. People sometimes have a tendency to say hurtful things and you can just ignore them (not give them any time of the day), move on. If a person takes time out of their day to comment about someone’s appearance and how awful it is, then they obviously have nothing better to do in their life-guys, be more mature, treat others with respect. If you can’t act like civilized dudes, then perhaps it’s time for you to get a taste of your own medicine.




Bff: Your Not My Best Friend! My Best Friend Only Wears Black!
You: All My Black Clothes Are Dirty.
Bff: How do I know Your Not An Alien?
You: Cause I’m Not…
Bff: Prove It
You: You once had a cat named Mr. Fluffington and you fed him something he wasn’t supposed to eat, so he died. Then you burried him in the backyard and told your parents he ran away because you didn’t want them to know you killed him.
Bff: R.I.P. Mr. Fluffington


I can’t remember what story this was from, and this isn’t it exactly but it was the funniest part!