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It’s no problem at all :kissing_heart:


Hi, would like to ask the status of my request?:wink:


@Chesirekitten101 the backgrounds you have made are incredible and hi!!


:kissing_heart: I believe it’s finished I just have to add a few finishing touches.


here is your request . if you’d like anything changed please let me know .


Hello! :blush:

Type of background?

  • I was hoping for a single, closed (homemade) grave next to a beautiful river with some trees. Can I have one be at dusk and one during the day? It can just be one panel, as long as there is space for 4 people to stand around it.
    Realistic or Cartoon? Cartoon
    How many do you want? 2 (1 of each)

Thank you so much.


Hi can I request


I would like to request a background.
What type of background do you want ?
bedroom, and a picture frame background
Realistic or Cartoonish ?
How many do you want ?
Anything else?
I want the bedroom to have mostly black furniture except for a picture with a guy with black hair holding a woman with black hair. I want the picture to be looking over the man’s shoulder. I would like the woman to have…
face shape: oval
skin: olive
lips: full round, scarlet
eyes: upturned bold, auburn
nose: elven
I also want the man’s shoulder to be covering half of her face.
Background 2:
picture frame
I would like the man holding the woman from behind, and I want the woman holding a red swaddle (If you can), and then I want the man’s face in the woman’s hair.
eyes: upturned bold, auburn
mouth: full round, scarlet
nose: elven
skin: olive
hair: black, fishtail braid
face shape: oval
outfit: black jacket, black shorts, military style high heels, and black zip up bra
(I only want his hair showing and it’s black and pompadour)
black pants, black shirt with red tie. black shoes


Sure! We’d love to help you both!




no problem love . just send me the background you’d like . unless you’d like me to choose one for you .


yes love! you can :heart:


i don’t care as long as the bedroom has mostly black and can the picture frame be an overlay?
Please and thank you.


yes of course ! i got you :heart:


Thank you so much!


May I request a warning background. If you can’t do it that is completely okay, but if you can…
Background color: forest green

colors to avoid: orange, pink, and yellow

Extra details: Could my character be on your left of the background, and also may it have a warning sign, censored sign, and any other design to your interest. Basically anything that makes sense.


This is the character I’d like to use. Could she have the censored sign on her mouth?


Sure! I’ll get right on that for you. Could you put the character’s details in for me please!


And would you like it to be a splash so that your words can be overlays and moveable or would you like the words to be on the background? Because if you’d like it as a splash I could also make the words for you and give you a script template for it :slight_smile:


I will give you her info and I would just want it to be a background. Thank you so much! Feel free to put your Instagram on the art!