Things you hate in a Episode story!

Cliche dialogue. Ie: the supposed bad guy/gal talks to the protagonist and behaves like an ******* in every scene they’re together.

And speaking of cliche dialogue, why can’t characters be given realistic dialogue like you would talking to a real person?


Wow, really you are a true epi fan :hugs:


Things I hate:

  • Toxic LIs
  • No CC/Limited CC
  • Super long episodes
  • No music
  • No body type selection
  • Freckles on either the MC or LI
  • Proposal scenes and the story ending right after that

I may name more.


Some things I hate is…

• Weird directing, meaning when speech bubbles are weirdly placed and not toggled on the character that is speaking. In my opinion, it doesn’t sit right with me when reading them and it makes me feel a type of way if you understand?

• Episodes that end way too quickly, it just feels like a waste of diamonds, and/or passes.

• Story’s that don’t have customization on MC & LI, and story’s that don’t have the ability to let readers change outfits. I want to be more free, and picking outfits that make me most comfortable. I don’t like seeing outfits that are unappealing to me, and look all crazy.

• Story’s that seem WAY too alike like other story’s that have already been made, and is popular. Meaning same plot, same type of characters, same events, etc. It just throws me off, and makes me feel like I already read this.

• Story’s with bad grammar. I understand if english isn’t your first language, for me english isn’t my first language as well, but when someone’s whole story has horrible grammar, and spellings that can easily be corrected, it just shows the story has been rushed.

When the MC gets drugged by a person who wants the MC, and proceeds to do intimate/sexual things for the LI to see. It just makes me feel very enraged, and seeing when the LI walks in on them and not trust them, it makes me not want to touch the story anymore.

VERY LONG slow burn. Stories that make the MC & LI take long to realize they like each other, just makes me overwhelmed. I can pretty much say some popular stories I’ve stopped reading is for that cause, if i’m on episode 40-60 and they still haven’t fallen in love, it just makes me not want to read it anymore. Especially if they’re not doing anything intimate and acting as if they are friends, just loses the vibe completely.

I think these are all the things I truly dislike in an episode story, and I hope you can use it as some advice :smiling_face:.


Stories = Plural of the word ‘story’ (Example: ‘They wrote many interesting stories.’)
Story’s = Possessive of the word ‘story’ (Example: ‘The story’s plot was engaging.’)

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I just wrote my first story ever and honestly my editing skills suck but the only reason that I wrote my story is because most of the stories I read had unrealistic love story plots and that was a turn off for me and I decided to make a story that would at least kind of go within the plots of stories I would consider reading it’s a working process and I can’t promise everyone will like it but I do plan on making other stories ideas I’ve thought of before but I’m kind of a perfectionist so I’m experimenting with this story so I could have a semi-perfect story my next try anyway I’m just yapping but if you wanna read my story it’s called
Glimpse of you.

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*it’s a work in progress

(Also, you are missing several commas and periods which does not make this post reader-friendly- just warning you!)

I don’t know if this has been said, but I noticed in some stories that the use of animation is very limited. Only “neutral” talking animation are used like talk_agree_happy, talk_armscrossed_neutral, talk_explain etc… it makes it hard for me to get into the characters. I would understand if it is a character who shows few emotions but when it is for every character I just think it makes the story less expressive :melting_face:

I also dislike really slow transitions for every transitions (it also makes it weird if the characters aren’t animated, it just looks like the characters don’t know what to do during the transitions…) :sweat_smile: I’m talking about 4 sec + transitions haha

But, I will still read if I like the plot :laughing:


and they also repeated the word “story” like nine times.

You’re so real for that, for my fist story I tried to stay away from these cliche and one of the things I did was cut the long narration that explain the whole MC’s live on the first episode and skipped the whole school drama leading to the MC and LI’s relationship. So many people complained that they wanted them while I know for a fact it would have cut the reader retention short. It would have made my story yet another cliche basic episode story


I’ve seen grammar mistakes happen in Episode Originals though mainly in the newer ones and all those previous points with character placement and they often misuse the zooms way too much.

I do agree, speech bubbles being so small take me out of the story and I can’t read it. I’ve dropped stories with tiny speech bubbles where it is unreadable to me.

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I agree with a lot of people here so I’ll try not to repeat.

  • mundane opening scenes (character waking from bed)
  • when the family’s appearance doesn’t change with the customized characters
  • unnatural dialogue
  • not using Episode Portal transition commands when needed (like @transition fade out black 1)
  • poor directing or using default commands like @MC stands screen center
  • using default Episode Portal characters and not changing their looks and outfit
  • using bad-looking Episode Portal backgrounds or using only Episode Portal backgrounds
  • not stopping loop animations correctly
  • overusing the idle animation
  • super long art scenes
  • having the speech bubble covering the character’s face
  • abrupt scene transitions
  • uncanny or unrealistic character appearances (dark hair and dark skin but super light eyes – it could be a condition, rarity, story element, or eye contacts but it usually looks off)

Oh yeah, Why have a female protagonist have two male love interests and she has to choose?

Is there one story in which the two male love interests confront and humiliate her and she gets none of them in the end?


Oh yeah, Why have a female protagonist have two male love interests and she has to choose?

But why not? Do you mean that it is useless to have two love interest of the same gender? Because, to be fair they could have totally different personnalities so the reader has too choose between them maybe. :upside_down_face: (I’ve seen people saying they like having choices if they don’t like the 1st LI personality)