This is off topic just a quescion



Hey i just add comunity topic because without it i cant post.
My quecion is :
What should i do with the story because i almost update everyday because i have a lot of time so i just did but till now i got only 83 reads and i appreciate a lot but i still write episodes so I stop till i get more readers or i continue writing? cuz i feel a bit weird just continue writing what should i do ? :confused:


You should write a story that you love to write. You shouldnt only update if you get reads since its not all about reads.

Write a story you love writing it not just for reads - thats my motto when i write my stories.


Yes you have right i put so much heart in the story.
thank you for answer :slight_smile:


Always keep writing. No one ever bothers reading anything I write for the most part but I write almost every day. Do it for you, not them. They’ll catch up sooner or later. :slight_smile: And if you want more reads try looking for posts on here and do some Read 4 Reads, you’ll find new greats stories and authors and get your story out there. :slight_smile: Just keep writing!


oh i do R4R thats really fair i was read so many good stories and im still do it i appreciate all the work authors put on them stories and i swear i was strugle for 2 mouths learn how to write an episode and is really hard i was almost give up but something keeps me up i say to myslef no you cant give up just go write create your characters and i i did it and i am so proud :slight_smile: i will continue writing


You have to keep writing because you want to. Its easy to get hung up on the numbers, we all do it. But it can take many months or even a year+ to get a good amount of reads. Read for reads help, if you have an Instagram promoting on there helps or asking groups to review your story can help too. See where your story needs help and also maybe it will catch someone’s attention and make them want to read.


i post a link with my story here on my profile forum and on instagram i dont think i need to ask anyone i will do R4R of course my quescion was just simple i was feel a little weird thats all but ii write with heart i put a lot of hard work on it too thats all


Writing is a lot of work and most of it goes unappreciated. If you enjoy writing then definitely keep going!


thank you for advices :slight_smile: