Timer Not Working

I have used all my passes both purchased and those awarded so that I have ZERO. Yet the timer to award passes resets itself every time I open the app, so in the last two days I have not received ANY PASSES.
Every ticket and email I have sent regarding this has been met by a response explaining that there is now a pass quota, but that DOES NOT SOLVE MY PROBLEM as the issue is the timer not me having more passes than 4 because I have ZERO. How do I use the app if I can’t get passes?

Have you tried deleting episode and then downloading it again?

I have tried that, I’ve tried force closing as well and updated. Still zero passes

Hey there @Keisha171018, sorry to hear you’re having this issue. ;( I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team, they’d be happy to help! :smile:

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I have sent tickets, I’ve sent several and follow them up as well. I’ve also tweeted and commented on their Instagram but no help yet, 72+ hrs and counting.

Just to clarify: you’ve gotten responses to the tickets, right? And their suggestions didn’t resolve the issue? :slight_smile:

No. To be extremely clear out of nine tickets submitted here and seven tickets submitted within the app I got two responses within the app that were in no way related to the issue they were explaining how passes work and the response from here also was not appropriate because it was to uninstall and reinstall the app those were the only responses I received all the messages .

So out of exactly 16 messages I received three responses to that were in no way related and one that was not relevant because I stated in the ticket that I had already tried uninstall/reinstall .

Hmm. It sounds like there was no valid response due to the high number of tickets submitted. If you submit multiple tickets at the same time without responses, it puts all of your tickets at the end of the queue and thus, a much longer wait to have them answered. The best thing to do is send in one ticket and wait for a response. It could take a few days, due to the high number of tickets being submitted, but it will eventually get answered. :wink:

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This might be a valid explanation had I not received a response to the first ticket before I sent the second and then the third and then the fourth because the very first response was not relevant to the problem the very first ticket got a response of an explanation as to how passes work when I had clearly explained that I understood how passes work and my issue was the timer .
It’s also extremely disturbing that I am being told as a customer that because I have continued to follow up on technical problems with an app that I have spent money on it will take me longer to get a response or I will get a wrong response ?
As a businesswoman myself I have to tell you that is very unethical .

If I could have your ticket number, that would help solve this issue. :wink:



Thanks! :smile:

Thank you for your help! I’m already getting a better response than the last three days! Much appreciated :pray:

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