Tlava’s Art requests are open

Hey everyone, I am taking request for art! If you need a INK cover done , art scene or pfp im ur girl. If anyone needs to contact me or want to see my work find me on Instagram

I also have a request form to help me stay organized

Fill out the form to get started.

Happy writing and drawing :smiley:``

Art edits I’ve made:


they are so good!! :heart: my psycho and wrapped in lies are my favorite stories xx

Thank u so much :slight_smile: I’m obsessed with them lol

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same :smile:

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do you only do ink?
these are very pretty btw

Yea, I just started editing. I’m trying to work on my limelight but my techniques aren’t good enough for me to take request for them since I’m such a perfectionist lol.

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I filled in a form. I love your work.

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Yea I just got it. I’m also working on the pfp u asked for currently :slight_smile:

Nice art edits, I also Filled a form