Tryna find a particular story

Hey yall
So i need help finding i particular story that i started on episode 3 years ago but never got to complete.

I dont have a whole lot of information as im only on episode 1 or 2 but in those episodes, a girl who was like, wealthy ig had some kind of event at her house and i think i remember someone complimenting her shoes.

As you go on, the party gets rudely disrupted as like cops come to the house, arresting her parents.

All their things get repossessed and she has to seek help from some other guy who’s the son of the dad’s friend i think but she figures out that the dad died

All i remember is that this guy is very good with his hands and he eventually lets her stay with him for however long she needs. I know thats not a lot of info but its what i have :sob:

If it helps, the person who recommended it, made the LI (the guy), a girl

Thank you in advance​:heart::heart::heart:

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I read this along time ago, don’t think it was ever finished . Can’t recall the name, will see if I can find it though.

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It’s Hot Mess by Andrianne Roxi

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Yess!! Omw tysm!!!🩷

Hi, I don’t know how to post so I’m just gonna reply you, sorry if that’s inconvenient tho.
I’m also looking for a history that I don’t know the title, the MC is a girl that was bullied in school, but when she turned 18 (I think) she discovered that she had powers and she used them and them the police went to her house, her “adopted mother” seen that she got her powers sent her through a portal to another world of people who also have powers of the elements of nature but she was the last phoenix in the world so she needed to disguise she couldn’t use her fire powers and couldn’t show her red eyes, after an incident she opened a portal that long ago had closed of the villains shadows that could shape shift, they were after her because only a phoenix could lock them up again, her mother died locking them up in a war so everyone was grateful for the phoenix queen that was dead in the war after she stoped it, but no one knew that she had a daughter, after some time she was discovering the truth about her identity, the shadows then discovered who she was and she was in danger so her and a few of her friends went into the portal to the phoenix world that only a phoenix could open, so the world has been closed for years, they go there and start looking for somethings that she needed to lock the shadows back into the shadow world, after that I don’t know more because the history disappeared of my episode :’( if someone knows the name please tell me. Thank you <3

The dragon bride

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It’s not I just finish reading the first episode, but thank you so much

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Try using the search option, type in key word, old posts may have talked about story you are after

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I will try it again, thank you :blush:

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I don’t know if this is it but could it be The Phoenix Prophecy by Joseph Evans?

Unfortunately it’s not, I’m thinking that maybe it isn’t on episode anymore, but I still have hope tho. Thank you so much for trying to help me :slight_smile:

need help finding a story !!!

it’s a mafia based story were 2 rivals are forced to live together in order to take down one enemy the female and the male used to hate each other but fell in love while living with each other. their families got along pretty well. they both had siblings too who fell in love with each other (males brother and females sister maybe. the female mc’s family goes to the male mc’s house too live

i have tried my best to explain it. guys please if u know the story please let me know.

Hi everybody

I also need help finding a story.

The first part is about a girl that has a flower shop and works with her friend. One day, a rich man comes in with a cap so that he can hide from paparazzi. Apparently he’s pretty well known. He gets to know the girl (she has red hair but I don’t know her name… any names for that matter) and I’m not sure but I’m assuming he offered her a job: To decorate his brothers venue bcos the brother is getting married. He marries a blonde girl who’s very mean (but she has a character arc and actually ends up being nice, only misunderstood). Sometime later they get an apartment together and I remember the scene where they were painting the walls, BUT she finds out she’s pregnant and runs away from him.

Second part is about her and her two twin girls. The twins go to separate schools, one has wavy red hair and is calmer and more of a goody-two-shoes, the other one has curly red hair and is pretty hot tempered. The rich man aka dad meets them randomly at a party (I really don’t know any more details but he eventually meets them without knowing they’re his daughters). Eventually at the end of the story, one of the girls gets engaged. Oh and they get a younger brother.

Funny how much I remember of this story, but forgot how it’s named.

Does anyone have a clue what the story’s name is?