Two love interest?

So I had an idea for my story to make two love interest. But, at the end of the story only one of them actually stay together with the MC. Would it be a bad story/ weird if I were the one to choose the final LI? Any other ideas on what I could do? Would it be too cliche if the LI didn’t like each other? What if they were friends and it were behind each others backs? Open to all ideas :slight_smile:

The behind their back thing is SUCH a good idea. Honestly, cliché things are good too. I like seeing the ‘They dislike eachother’ thing too, but the ‘Friends but they like the mc behind each others backs’ Is something I haven’t really seen before. So, It’s really up to you what you’re going for. Don’t hold back on creativity only because you think it’s ‘overdone.’ you can make really well-written stories, even when having an ‘unoriginal’ plot.

I like the ending part too, i think it can be a really original thing to do. There are so many ‘choose your own ending’ stories, (obviously) but i think this can be a good switch-up. A good/bad ending depending on who you choose… i would definitely read that!


I don’t think it would necessarily be a “bad” story if you were the one who chose who the LI will be by the end of the story, but readers often like being able to “get to know” the possible LIs and attempt at getting closer to the one they prefer. You are the author however and this is your story, so it is completely up to you. It sounds like an interesting twist in all honesty and I think it’d be a nice change for the readers who aren’t fussed about being “in control”. Don’t worry about cliches, I dare you to find me a story on Episode that doesn’t have at least one! It’s cliches that sometimes make the story.

You could possibly allow the reader to choose, but offer an alternate ending/bonus chapter where you write YOUR ending or use your ending and offer the reader a couple of bonus chapters to see how the outcome would be with their preferred LI?

Readers often love to read an interactive story, where they can make choices that determine the story and such. But as I said to begin with, it really is YOUR story and you should tell it how you see fit.

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