Unnescessary Flagging 😕

Hey! I just want to remind our community that this is a positive community. I don’t want people flagging others just bc they don’t like them or don’t like what they said. Like flagging a post for random tags? How immature is that? I know y’all are better than this so please make this a more happy community. It’s starting to fall apart. Thanks for the support! Oh, but I won’t tag bc people seem to flag for that :roll_eyes:


Yes that’s so true! People give flags around like candy :worried:



I get flagged for such dumb things.

Literally for asking what a show was. And calling Ian “INeedToBePaidMore” Ian Shareholder (because I honestly do not remember his last name.


Moved to Site Feedback since this is about the forum. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

I would recommend that all users review Our Forum Moderation Standards and Guidelines to get an idea of what kind of content is a flaggable offense.

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cough Case In Point cough


I got flagged for being off topic because I told someone “Happy birthday” .


The fact that it only takes 1 flag to hide a post is stupid. It’s literally giving everyone a mini mod tool so of course people will spam and abuse it until it’s changed.


@Audacious_Writer (I hope you don’t mind me tagging you) made a thread about how she felt that the Episode community doesn’t give enough recognition to the black community. I though it was a great thread and saw some amazing opinions. I logged in this morning to find that her post had been flagged?! I was so annoyed because it was a great topic and one that needed to be talked about. Now the whole thread is under review and we can’t talk about the under representation of the black community on the forums. :confused:


I guess they flagged it because I called Episode racist, but is it really offensive if it’s true? Maybe Episode is just offended. I was just stating facts. Episode needs to step up their game for the black community.

Oh, and thanks for the tag!


Its so annoying I got flagged for “advertising” when I asked peoples opinions on what photo I should get painted of my dog, who had passed away a couple of days before I posted. Like come on really?? How is photos of my dog advertising anything?

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Yeah, you can’t bad mouth episode on their own platform. :woman_shrugging:


You can criticise (and not have that criticism taken by Episode), but not hate. Logic. (Not that I’m hating, I’m just sayin’.)

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There should be penalties for flagging unnecessarily for example

A thread was flagged for good reason = no penalty

A thread was flagged for reasons that may look like it needed flagging but is found that it’s alright = no flag but explaination

Flagging for no reason = 1 penalty

Continuing to flag unnecessarily = after 3 penalties some form of punishment such as account being frozen for a short amount of time eg a week


I know I was being sarcastic. :woozy_face:

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I know, but some people don’t get jokes on here.

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By the amount of time people have been flagged for having good humour that is clear. :joy:

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I made a post requesting a “because you liked…” Option on the app, people got flagged for tagging their friends, and saying they really liked the idea. I mean what is that? They were showing support
I think it’s ridiculous anyone can flag without it being seriously looked at

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Flagging has definitely become a great issue here on the forum! :triumph:
The whole system should be updated so that only admins can hide a post. For example, if a post got (let’s say) 10 flags, then Melani3 or someone else would get notified and take a look themselves. So in the end, it’d be up to them whether the post should be hidden or not.

The current system is just utter madness! Doesn’t it go against free speech either?


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