What do you guys think about the new feature story”Prosecutie”

Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about. :slight_smile:

I didn’t see anyone “spitting venom” at Cleo…
It was all geared towards episode and feeling fed up with their choices.
I think the title is so cringey. A lot of people were upset that episode would feature a story like this during “women’s month” with such a poorly chosen title that sounds like ‘prostitutey’ and makes women pursuing law degrees look like a floozy.

At first I felt bad when I saw Mette post this. I felt guilty for commenting how I found the title cringeworthy because I’m not out to rain on anyone’s parade.

But the more I think about it … it isn’t fair to shame us for sharing our true opinions about episode featured stories. We have valid concerns and points


I’m not touching this one with a ten-foot pole.


Speech of honor :raised_hands:
Listen to @CosmicIvy everyone! This post needs to be famous, I completely agree


@CosmicIvy Would you mind me tagging you in a thread and sharing this post?


I saw from Cleo that she said she didn’t really have a say in the story. She also said that she knows as much as those reading the story. I’m pretty sure she posted ito n her story yesterday?


I think I had been told episode essentially “bought” her story from her to make their own featured edition of The Lawyer and Me.


Its not saying prostitute
Its a play on the word prosecution
Court me would have been better


I don’t like how it uses the typical characters as extras and directing is so bad and looks like a story by a first-time author. The best friend is so boring and the love interests are boring as well. The entire storyline is just…no.


The Lawyer and Me?


It’s the same story again called The Lawyer & Me. Like these stories are awfully generic!!!



i totally agree i was asking my self i have read this story before !

Exactly. I thought it was a cross between prosecute and cute…me & my innocent mind.

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It’s a “nah” from me.


I’m aware. It’s just a poorly thought out play on words and not very witty.
I have said before the Court Me was far more witty.


Girl, first of all, get your facts straight. I have nothing against people commenting on the name of the story. Frankly, I agree it’s terrible and I completely get why people are frustrated with the it. However, my instagram story was about the people straight up bashing the story based on the blurb, essentially judging a book by its cover before reading it and being straight up mean to the author (first-time featured or not) which is so unnecessary. Nothing I said in my instagram was even about the title so maybe, like I said, get your facts straight before you try to spill your tea on me. I’m not here for it.

Also, yes I write student/teacher stories. I’m not doing anything illegal though and neither is Cleo. Episode is apparently fine with it too and doubt they’d feature (or buy the rights to stories, like they bought The Teacher) if it would put them in legal trouble. Does studentXteacher stories make you uncomfortable? Fair enough but you’re, like I said, free to move along without spitting venom. And btw, since you felt targeted by my Instagram story, you probably were one of them anyway. Kthanksbye.


Relax, Mette. I mean no disrespect to you or Cleo. My issue is with pocket gems. If I misunderstood your insta post, I apologize.


My reply applies to you too I guess.

I just feel like teachers stories are just kinda nasty for kids. I don’t read “teachers stories”,but don’t you think it’s kinda wrong for kids to read those type of stories? Like how will you feel if you little sister read a “falling in love” teacher story?