What Gem Choices would you like to see in a 3 LI, Point System Story?

Just wondering with my new project (I am resolved to finish this one) that will be released in June, what Gem Choices examples would you like to see more or less of?


You can use bonus scenes or outfit choices to change dialogue or unlock art scenes. You can charge gems for art scenes only( if the artist allows it) or ask for gems to allow reading a locked scene due to not having enough points. Having a chapter end with asking for gems to support the author or buy points is also a great way. You also have the choice when publishing to add ‘skip-the-wait’ or ‘early access’ or both ;))


Thank you! I think I will go with point top ups, outfit wardrobe (but the reader actually gets something to keep during the entire story), support the author or bonus scenes.

What is skip the wait and EA?

Skip-the-wait and early access are fairly new features. Skip-the-wait is in between chapters where you’ll have to wait for example 4 hours till you can read the next chapter or buy it with gems and read now. Early access is when you just published and you have to wait a couple hours or buy gems to read it. You may recognise this when you read yourself when they show you a blue screen. I’m glad I could help! <3

Gem choices for bonus outfits (while still having free outfits that aren’t hideous) or bonus content that doesn’t effect the story so those who can’t give gems don’t miss out or if there’s mini-games gems to automatically win them or gain missing points. Avoid gem choices to actively play the game or that will lead to a disadvantage if players do not use it.

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