Who's your Episode Crush and Why?

Omg I love Ava :two_hearts:

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Same, same!
Cassius Jr/Johnny

And I don’t know why specifically, but he’s very entertaining, funny and sweet, especially compared to the rest of the male cast in the story.




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Mine are;

Axel (Without you by Georgia Sanders)
Taylor ( Shielded Heart by Ora)
Jaxon (Obviously you by Nixx)
Travis (Rivals by Monica)

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Sebastian Flynn from Legally Clueless, he’s just so precious. :pensive: :heartbeat:

HAWK- The President’s Daughter, idk man his demeanour, character development and care is everythinggg :two_hearts:

Honestly tho!

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Storm from Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Ford from Racing Hearts I think the original story is called Daredevil?
And Lincoln Fox from Jaded Love

Literally any ink guy with Defined Triangle face, uneven lips, button nose and cropped hair is my crush pls I need help.

But my mains are

  • Trey Petrov from Mafia Love
  • Kieron from Armed Shots
  • Jayden freaking Knight from sensational
  • Lance King from evocation
  • Levi Garnet from meet the mendozas

Omg why am I so episode boy crazy pls.