Why won't the coding for the speech bubble work?


I know it’s | Characters Name and it should be highlighted, but it won’t work. Any idea??


Do you have it capitalized? The name?


Indeed !


Just do:
Speech speech speech down here.


Now all it’s saying is : Can’t resume from a story node that is not found.

This site is not liking me at all. :roll_eyes:


I dont know try refreshing? :confused:


Now that’s gone but the characters name still won’t highlight lol Ahhh maybe i’m just not meant to write :laughing:


Can you send a screenshot?


ah my friend is getting this same error. it must not be you guys. @JrBouchard


I think the creators are testing out a new preview on the portal

^ Memories is new, in addition to that Navigation looks like this v

EDIT : I’m getting all the same errors as above. I am hoping it’s just temp because I’m missing like a ness button for my story ;-;


Yeah, same. I’m seeing stuff I’ve never seen before and the portal is barely loading as is.


Every time i press save and preview all of my outfits are reverting back to generic


Now the script trackers now working. There’s no talk on their Facebook. What is really going on?!?!?!?!?!!?


It’s just the way it is on the Web Preview. If you play one scene only the characters will be in default outfits. Check it on the phone if you want to see if everything looks alright :slight_smile:


yeah, im having the same problem and it keeps coming up every single time iwant to preview and aghhh i gotta refresh every time lol :frowning:


It wasnt doing that until 9:30pm est tonight


lol thats very specific


I looked at the clock around that time for AHS lol




Like you said, “NERD”