Would anyone be willing to check out my story?

I have 4 episodes published so far !
It’s called Playing Dangerous !
By Breejade
Could you guys look at it and give me some feedback ?
Thank you all :):kissing_heart:

Moved to Share Feedback. :wink:

Oh than you Syndey !!
I never know what forum to put it under !!

Check out our forum tutorial for more info on where certain topics belong :smiley: Hope it helps!

Thank you so much !!
Everyone on here is so kind !
I’m happy i began writing .

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Okay so I’m super self conciou about everything that I do.
I am not sure if my story will be good or not.
Or if it sucks if I should continue writing it or not ?
It’s called
Playing Dangerous.
I need positive and not so positive comments !
I need to know if there is something I am not doing enough or something that could help my story !
I’m willing to help others !!
Thank you so much