You need a plot for a story? Mistery + Paranormal

Hey I planned a story a while ago but I can’t write it and I was wondering if someone is interested to “adopt” it.

Title: //, one possible title was Death School

  • mistery/fantasy

You find yourself on a train, next to people who seem to share the same destiny as you.
You are dead, without any memories of your past life, but everything will take an unexpected turn when a girl that looks like you starts appearing constantly in your dreams.
You are not supposed to know anything about your past life, but some of your friends are starting to remember too.
Will you find out what happened to you?

MC: female
LI: one, male

In the 1st pic she is alive, in the 2nd she’s not.

Comment if u want to “adopt” this story and if u want to try to write it. U can change what u want except for the general concept of the story.
Also comment if u want to know more about the MC, the LI, the other characters and the plot of the story.

Also sorry if there are some errors in this message, but english is not my first language. :blush:

I have other stories that u can “adopt” like:

  1. Darkemorth, a story about demons and angels. The creatures of the night are coming togheter to steal the Darkemorth: a powerful object, but only who sees a “red star” is able to see the Darkemorth. One night you, son of Lucifer, see the first red star, but are u the only one to have this privilege?
    Male MC and 2 female LI, I was thinking 5 endings, also based on what LI u choose.
    And others coming soon.
    Message me if u want more informations about this plot instead.
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OMG! I really like it! I really got the chills!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pleading_face::purple_heart:


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Thanks girl! :purple_heart:

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No problem!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Another pic from Darkemorth, with the MC and one of the LI: Angela.

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