Anty’s Free Art (2/2) closed

Hello, :lemon:
I’m opening a free art shop because once again I need help improving my art style. (As college :cat_typing: is preventing me to take time off to draw :sob:)

. . .

So if you like I can make an art request for pfp, art scene, etc

Do note if you want me to draw in a specific size it will appear blurry (since I use procreate at 3000x3000 px)


Dtiys I did for @/min4cious

Dtiys I did for @/blossomblock_art

Dtiys I did for @/shiholilah

Dtiys I did for @/lissa_aniart

Request form: :red_light:

  • A picture of your character (please no character details as I don’t use the portal)
  • outfit
  • Reference/pose
  • background (if you like)

Rules :red_light:

  1. 1-2 characters
  2. Please be aware with advance poses I would probably take even longer to finish and it might look horrible.:sob: (But it gonna help me to improve so throw it my way >:3 )

I lowkey suck at side profiles and drawing hands :sob: but if it something your ok with/want from me then I’ll gladly do it! >:) :+1:t6:

  1. Please allow me to take my time when drawing your character/characters. It can take me weeks to finish maybe earlier :upside_down_face::+1:t6:

Later I will send a sketch of your character/characters and ask how you think of it and I may or may not send the line art it depends🫠

Example of sketch and line art

I will only take two requests at a timeso I’ll let you know if I’m available to do more.
Also please note that when list is full I appreciate it if everyone would NOT ask to be tagged as in the past with my earlier posts I have failed to tagged others🙂


You can credit me by my forums name : Anty


I love your style! :heart_eyes:
It’s so cute and looks wow.

Updated details!

  • A picture of your character
  • outfit
characters and outfits

The black skinned character is the one that’s crying and breaking down.

The brown skinned character is the one hugging the black skinned character.

  • Reference/pose
It's for 1 art, 2 characters

Dark skinned char is exactly like this. Sad, with tears.

The brown skinned char is hugging the dark skinned char like this. But the pose for dark skinned char is like the first one. This reference is just to understand how it looks together. The brown skinned char is simply sad with closed eyes, not screaming, maybe a few tears falling down.

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Hey! I love your art, you’re so talented. I am still looking for someone to do my story cover. Do you do story covers? My instagram is @writtenbyvii if you want to message me on there or here is fine too!


Is the list full? If so, I’d love to comment with details!

Since it says 2 requests at a time (meaning only 2 pieces you can do?)


Hi! I’d love to have a 2 character art scene! It appears your list is already full though, so please tag me when you’re able to open up again!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Cutest art ever :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:🩷


Heyy! I love your art!! Please could I request a piece with a clear background that I could use as an overlay!

Characters and outfits

The pose reference is completely up to you! I’d just love it to be something where they are close! Thank you so much if you choose to do art for me!

Goodluck in the future with your art! It is beautiful :heartpulse:


Hi! Thank you!:blush:
I can try my best shot but I know it’s not gonna be exact it may look like a hot mess:melting_face:
If you like me to make an attempt let me know!


Hi thank you! :two_hearts:
I have made a story cover before but it was blurry when I put it in appropriate size

I’m not sure how to make a cover unblurry in procreate

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Love the art by the way :heart_eyes:

I believe you have to use a bigger canvas on procreate :thinking:. I recently got procreate as well and it’s kinda confusing to say the least :sweat_smile:


Hello! Yes I can only do two requests and I’m waiting on the other two responses

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Hi! Thank you! :two_hearts: idk if you remember but I did an art request for awhile back!

And yeah at first I would draw on a bigger canvas and then after I’m done would resize it to the cover size and it still be blurry😭


Hi unfortunately as I mentioned I will not be tagging because in my earlier posts I have failed to tag ppl when asked and I’m not 100% I’ll open up after two request since spring break is not long enough :sob::two_hearts:


Hello thank you!:heart: unfortunately others have commented earlier and I’m waiting for their response if I do finish up the two requests earlier and if I still have time during spring break I hope I’ll be able to get to yours! :slight_smile:


Thank you!:face_holding_back_tears::two_hearts::heart:


Oh yeah I remember you did the one with the peace sign with like bunny ears :heart_eyes:. Also sorry if I’m going off topic with my suggestions

Perhaps do the covers on the original size that episode recommends and see if they don’t come out blurry :thinking:


Oh no you’re not gonna off topic :two_hearts:! And yeah I tried it’s still not as clear as I want it :sob:


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Hey! Can you please tag me when you have spots open?


Oh okay! I agree try using a different sized canvas. Lmk if it works I would really love your art as my cover <3


Aww I would love one when you’re available again! Your style is so cute❤️

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