Any romance beta readers?

Hello!! I’m currently writing my story that I didn’t touch for some time and I want to continue it badly. But I need some peeps to help me gather feedback!

I would love to include as many people as possible if you are interested :heart:

My story has:
-1 LI male CC
-choices (but idk if I have enough) there won’t be any significant choices that impact the story in a huge way, some choices give u different scenes tho!
-trying to not fall into a cliche romance story
-FBI case is involved

Answer the thread or pm me anything is welcomed :blush:

I can beta read if you’re still looking for one:)

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Hello, I offer a feedback service for a small fee. I provide detailed feedback and am willing to discuss in more depth too after my document is shared. I also provide a free advice service.
If this is something you would like more info on, or are interested in, feel free to check out my thread :blush:

Proofreading/Detailed Constructive Critique, Reviews & Free Advice Service

I would use ur services as they seem valuable if I had money😭

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I understand :blush:

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