Art commission? How does it work when you buy one?

Hi everyone!

I’m a new author on Episode and I am ready to pay someone for an art commission for my cover. I saw a lot of art account on Instagram (not only for Episode), but I was wondering how does it work?

  1. Do you pay the artist before receving the art or after?

  2. If you pay before, how do you make sure that the person won’t scam you?

  3. How much is too expensive for an art commission?

  4. Do you use paypal to transfert the money?

  5. Any artist suggestion?

Thank you!!! :heart::heart::heart:

3 Likes pay usually after receiving a sketch or you can pay half before and half after
2. they’ve already sketched it and they’re professionals I guess
3. it depends on the art style
4. Paypal/online
5.Try deviant art, there are plenty of professional artists who are always looking for commissions.


Thank you so much :heart:


Just letting you know, episode doesn’t allow commissions using their content so just be wary.


I don’t understand :sob: what do you mean they do not allow commission?


The artist must draw in their own style. They can’t sell you episode’s assets.

You will see this in the post below.

Any art sold must be entirely original artwork and cannot use Episode’s art at all .


This is what I mean! Thank you @LaurelleE27 :smile:
You can’t pay someone to use episode style clothing or characters in the commission


@LaurelleE27 I understand now thank you so much!


I usually ask for half the payment after a sketch and then the rest when I’m done! I’d say it’s the most safe way for both parts.
All artists use different payment methods but I’d say PayPal is pretty common.
And I think you’ll have to consider what’s too much yourself, look at the quality of the artist and imagine how many hours it takes to make a request… usually the prices are pretty fair.
If you have any more questions you can always pm me since I’m a commissioned artist myself! So I might know what you wanna find out


@ChaoticDeluge is my artist and he’s taking commissions, so he might have the info you need!


There isn’t really any solid way of doing it. I know people who take it all up front and some who take it all after they give the drawing. Some people charge less, some more.

There isn’t a right way of doing it tbh


Charging at the beginning is a risk for the author, at the end is a risk for the artist


I guess a solution is to give them a watermarked version to have a look at when you finish and only give them the non-watermarked version once they’ve paid?


Yeah, a lot of people do that. I’d probably do the half up front half after, I’m an ideal world personally. Equal risk there

  1. I pay usually after the sketch, sometimes beforehand.
  2. They won’t, since their professionals and they update me in the art. Plus some of them are my good friends.
  3. It depends on the art style. But 20-150 dollars is the most common payment for me.
  4. PayPal is my buddy. But some artists will use Western Union.
  5. Realistic style is the best in my opinion, though we all have different opinions. I trimmed finding a personal artist.

Thank you so much for your help everyone​:heart::heart::heart: I’m proud of this community how we help each other, thank you :heart::heart::heart: