Selling Art on the Episode Platform


Hello Episodians,

We’ve heard from a number of you asking if it is okay to sell custom images that use Episode art assets. We are here to set the record straight!

Individuals can use Episode characters, clothing, backgrounds or ads in their stories provided they meet our Content Standards. However, selling works with these items is a different matter and is against our Content Guidelines, Copyright Policy and Terms of Service.

Our Terms of Service indicate that Episode characters, materials and platforms (forum, portal and app) are a free service, and the use of these characters and materials provided are solely for personal and non-commercial use. Selling art or images with Episode assets counts as commercial use. This includes edits of Episode characters, altered renders, and composites. Any art sold must be entirely original artwork and cannot use Episode’s art at all.

We ask all of you to please follow our Policies and Terms of Service and to not sell items that feature Episode Art Assets. Selling works with Episode’s art can result in losing access to the Episode platform, up to and including permanent removal.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and please feel free to contact us if you have more questions.


The Episode Team.

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This needs to be addressed big time and posted on art group because I have seen people asking for money using the backgrounds, overlay, clothing, and characters.


I agree w/ you, because people sometimes take money to make any art or something like that maybe backgrounds and I thought of this, but i didn’t know how this works so I didn’t want to say anything to those who do it.


So commission art of episode characters edits are not allowed?


Yes that was me I just don’t want to see anyone get in trouble for not knowing this


Probably not, though you may want to PM one of the moderators and ask them.


What about using an episode character as a base to get the outline for your art and then deleting the epy character from the picture? Would that still be allowed to be commissioned, As it is a changed picture…


well it is still using the episode asset…


Yeah it’s not allowed. If you want to commission, you have to use your own art style.

That would still be copying the Episode line art. That’s basically the same as tracing the Mona Lisa as a base and then saying it’s not the same because you’re not just editing the Mona Lisa. It doesn’t matter because Episode owns its art styles.


Well yeah as a basis to get the outline for facial features which would be changed and altered to appear different then an episode character… Plus the original character would be absent from the final product.


it doesnt matter if its absent. once you have traced it… its there


It’s still Episode’s line art. Tracing is still stealing.


It cannot be explained further, if you’re taking an Episode image and tracing over it, you cannot sell that art.


Alright, Thankyou for the clarrity.


What if I get commissioned to do an art that looks like an Episode character? That means I’d have to draw their clothes which come from Episode too…That’s not illegal if it’s done all in my own art style right?


As long as it’s drawn in a different style to Episode, they don’t own clothes haha


I mean the clothes design they do xD So like creating own artwork for Episodians like Blanche.artepisode is fine right?


Make it your own! Then you’re fine. The actual clothing is probably stuff that exists in real life, so it’s not as bad.

As long as it’s not literally a copy from Episode


I would just change it just a bit, like say you want to use a dress and something to it to make it not look like there so it’s your own style but it will still look kind of the same to the readers and what you have on the character before and after the art scene pops up.