Art Commissions 🍀 - OPEN!

Hey! I know I’ve already created a topic about this, but since it’s closed, I’m creating another one.

I stopped doing commissions, but I decided to go back, since I need it. My prices aren’t expensive at all!

I take payments mainly through paypal, but I accept ko-fi too


1 character:
Half Body: 20 dollars
Full Body: 25 dollars

2 characters:
Half body: 30 dollars
Full body: 35 dollars

3 characters:
Half Body: 40 dollars
Full Body: 45 dollars

  • 3 dollars if you want any extra details such as fireballs, powers and etc

Half body is waist and above. Full body is waist and below.
All of the prices are negotiable though!


Thank you for reading! I hope you like it and let me know if you want a drawing :relaxed:

My instagram for any more details: @episode.bela


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Some unfinished sketches that are available for purchase if anyone is interested. I can make any changes! :heart:


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Bumping again :heart: I really need the money atm to pay some bills, so if you know someone who wants an art, pls recommend me 🫶🏻

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OMG, I love your examples! :star_struck: Are u still available? My friend needs a cover for her upcoming story.

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Hey, sorry for the late reply! Yes, I am :blush: I’ll pm you


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