Avoid ads on episode



Before I can watch a episode I need to watch 2 videos, how can I avoid ads?


You can’t, it’s our curse


It’s true - there is no avoiding it but for some reason, when I use my mobile data I rarely get ads :thinking:


I avoid it by starting the episode, when the ad comes, I close the app by just tapping my home button, then I restart the app. It then should start with another ad (then I do the same as before) or I can read the episode.
A bit complicated, but it takes less time than watching the ads :sweat_smile:


Good tip :sunglasses::sunglasses: I hate waiting a thousand years to read something


Thank you for the advice! Do you think with all the ads I can catch a virus or something?


No, I have episode for 4 or 5 years and never got anything, those are just some ads, you can just ignore them