Can’t use helpers properly (To spot direct)

I was wondering if any of you were having the same problem, if so, do you know how to fix it?

I just recently discovered that the episode interactive writers portal was open for mobile/tablet users. I tried to continue a story that I started coding on my laptop but I use advanced coding, spot directing, zooming, panning, overlays, animated overlays etc. I discovered that you can’t use the spot directing helper or any other helpers to zoom and stuff. When I try to zoom, or move my character to a spot my screen only moves, not the section where the preview is. Help. How do I fix this/what do I do about this? Is there even a solution or do we just have to wait for episode to take away writers portal from mobile users again? :pensive:

Maybe try holding your finger on the tool you want to use (like the zoom button in Camera) then move it around? Or double-tap first then try moving?

Also, check that your browser doesn’t have a desktop option – in chrome, if you tap the 3 dots in the right top corner, there’s a option “Desktop site” - tap that and it might let you interact with the tools.

^^Just thoughts, no idea if any of them work. lol I don’t use the mobile version and honestly am impressed that people can code full episodes on their phones/tablets. I do not have that level of patience lol

Hi! Thank you so much for this. Unfortunately I just tried both options and it doesnt seem to work. It might just be an overall bug but I was just asking in case, because other mobile coders arent seeming to have problems revolving around this. I wish I could go back to my laptop tbh bc this is really doing my head in as I can’t get any proper coding in LOL.

Oh, gosh. Well, I’m sorry. Try submitting a support ticket?
If you don’t mind my asking, what happened to your laptop that you can’t code on it?

Don’t be sorry tbh it’s not our problem and I’m sure it’ll get fixed. I’ll definitely submit a support ticket. I dont mind you asking at all, my laptop is facing software issues, where it can’t update because the version’s too old, but apps or browsers cant be opened BECAUSE its not updated to the latest version. It’s an outdated device and I honestly can’t even tell what type of laptop it is (it’s not apple). It was about time I threw it away, but I was in the middle of a story I had planned to publish HAHA. That’s why I decided to give mobile a try, not going too well so far if I must say so. :’)

The fact that you are doing it at all on a mobile device is impressive lol there are so many symbols and whatnot in code-- I couldn’t imagine doing it all through a touch-screen. lol Do you have plans to get a new laptop? If so, best buy is a good place to find less-expensive computers. They do sell refurbished on their website as well.

I do applaud your dedication to finishing your story :slight_smile: I would have given up and put it on wattpad or something :joy:

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