Close MY page for me I can't take this no more

yes u can look on your guide. go to the writers portal, then look up you will see the guide in the section. Go there then look on your left, you will see a kinda a list of the things u need to know to learn how to start.

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Thank so I did understand how do the code I did want put wrong code in my story

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did u fix the wrong code in your script?

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This my First time

I could help send you some guides to read here on the forums to help you get started on coding / learning the basics, instead of having somebody else code everything for you! :slight_smile:

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I have write story just let

That be great

Can do this

Need help on it

i know. U said that already.

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Yes speak English

Yeah she does, but its how she text its kinda understandable a little.

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Sorry about that

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its okay. :wink:

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I put some on my cell phone help me out

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put what on your cell?

Here’s some guides to help you learn the handles of coding:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :blush:


I got spell check on my cell phone

Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: