Contest thoughts?

Hey all!

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of author and community members pulling back significantly from episode.

I think this is quite understandable as episode don’t seem to focus or care about the community as much as they did a couple years back when it was ‘thriving’ mainly over Covid etc.

and probably some other reasons.

but I remember during that time a lot of instagram groups were floating around on instagram and all where they’d promote stories, show art releases, do art scenes etc.

I think a good way to help authors and artists etc. in the community it might be nice to start one up again as they all seem to have died out around mid 2022. And a way to help build authors that may only enter contests etc. would perhaps be to start one ourselves on the forums and instagram, with a small select of people deciding a winner taking community thoughts on each story entered into consideration etc.
anyway if anyone would be interested in helping plan this or if yous think its even a good idea and would enter, let me know down below or pm me :blush:

I don’t think we’d be able to offer much as a prize but it would be a good way to grow views, engagement and promotion in general

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I really hope we get another official contest soon (and I hope that they take the ideas from the “Contest ideas” post into account when announcing the theme) - I’ve been dying to get involved with a contest and find out how my writing actually holds up.

I’d love to be involved with a community lead contest, but if there is a romance requirement or romance-centric theme, I might have to pass. I know that it is the most popular genre, but it really isn’t what I want to write.


Same! I’ve finally graduated school and have time to write but that’s when Episode decides to stop contests, my main motivation to write lol

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I have played Episode on-and-off since 2018, and after my most recent break (Spring 2023-February 2024), I joined the forums and started seriously working on stories. Just as I got back into Episode, the “Talent of Curse” contest ended.

I’m shocked they haven’t announced a contest, honestly.
I really hope they’re not giving up on them because it’s a great way for authors to get a foot in the door.
If episode is looking to continue expanding then contests are the way to do it. With so many big authors leaving the app they need to think about turnover. So their silence is really odd to me