Dear Ink Writers.... (An open letter from a LL author)



Exactly! They also need to understand hat Episode can’t supprt INK’s software anymore and that is why they stopped updating!


Honestly the Limelight clothes are better in variety imo, quality over quantity from Ink.

Coming from someone who started from INK and was relatively neutral to Limelight, all I can thank is that we don’t have the Limelight from Crush on the Bad Boy, Clueless or whatever. They’re so damn freaky lmao.

Both Limelight and Ink have their strengths. I do somewhat prefer Ink over LL, but a little tired about people complaining constantly. Besides, I’m sure with the new updates and tec I might end up being a LL convert altogether tbh :sweat_smile:

It’s pretty annoying seeing the two being pitted against each other. Like give Limelight some room to breathe. Be grateful it doesn’t look like the former Limelight we once had lmao


It’s becoming a bit much. It infuriates me. How can people be so disrespectful and immature towards episode like this.

These comments were from the update post on Instagram. It’s ridiculous!


INK is the old style. It’s like new generations of music. Nobody’s updating that old style any more only the new, ranting won’t do anything not that it ever has


I think INK users need to stop complaining but LL users need to as well. We know there’s not very much clothing for LL compared to INK, but we also know that INK is no longer being updated which means that there will be more clothing options designed only for LL in the future.

I’m generally just extremely tired of threads about INK but LL as well. Yes, we get it, some people prefer INK, others prefer LL. We’ve seen so many threads about this now - can people just let it go?
Also, I annoys me that people always make their threads to be like ‘either you’re with ink OR you’re with LL’ as if they’re trying to start some big war of what’s better.
Just … INK users, stop complaining about LL and LL, stop complaining about INK.


I agree one hundred percent! I understand that with updates such as tattoos it might be hard to understand, but Limelight is a new style which they want to make better, and not only that, Ink also has a lot of things such as hairstyles that Limelight needs to update to.


preach!!! :clap::clap::clap:


I don’t think it’s disrespectful at all. People are allowed to voice their opinions. Isn’t it a good thing that people like an Episode style so much? When did being sad about the lack of updates become disrespectful or rude? They haven’t even been transparent with everyone about the fact that it’s been abandoned as a style. Maybe if they actually updated us on here formally instead of just replying to the odd post, people would stop asking about INK. Most people don’t even know why they stopped the updates, so of course they’re going to ask.


I absolutely agree with you. I asked texting several Episode people, even sent a support ticket. No one ever answered. That’s why people commenting on and on… we just want a clear message. I don’t want INK to get the last updates (if we get any) 2 years after style will become less popular.


i am an author that writes in LL, but i’ve also written a few stories with INK as well. They both work the same, just treat them both the same. It’s never coming back, we cant change that.


My thoughts on this:
Classic will ALWAYS be the best style for me.
It just, will.
I love everything about it. The clothes, the faces, the hair, the animations… I honestly don’t understand why people hate it so much. I love it. It’s amazing.
Plus, you’ve gotted the added nostalgia of it! And all those great stories written in Classic. Just… the feel of Classic makes me so comfortable and happy. When I think of classic, i get this warm, fuzzy feeling feeling! (this is probably because I discoverd Episode when I was quite young- I remember getting shocked over a kiss haha) but I just love it.
Ink, when it came out; I was over the moon. I loved it… for a while. I read alot of Demi Lovato, Mean Girls, And My Brother’s Best Friend… lol😂
Anyway after a while, I started reading Classic stories agian.
Don’t get me wrong, I still love ink! It’s just Classic is so much better.
Limelight… well, when I first saw it I was like “'meh”
I didn’t hate it and I didn’t like it. However it’s growing on me! And I’m currently working on a Limelight story, and Im growing to love it! It’s really pretty and I might even like it more than Ink. But my one issue is… everyone looks kind of like a supermodel? Oh well, My character is supposed to be really beautiful (she’s literally a fire princess :crown:) so, for this story at least I am fine with it


I had been to episode since the classic style, once they introduced new style, it’s already a sign that the last one will not update further. When ink was introduced, I don’t like it because it’s too cartoonish. And classic was not updating anymore. So I leave episode. And now I came back and I use LL. so it’s goes in the same way, ink will not update anymore and ink authors shall stop crying about it. Even how many times you complain or plead it won’t update anymore just how it does to us classic styles before. You’ll end up accepting it. Plus it’s true that ink has way more better stuffs, so author should maximise the use of them. Episode team isn’t forcing you the LL style , they just entice you by showing new things and it’s up to you to try new Or stay on your usual style.

No Hate.


They have been more than Transparent. Liz has has repeatedly said its gone and they are focusing on limelight and the new software. Yall just want to ignore it like its going to change lol Which is why everyone is so annoyed with the constant complaining. How many more times do they have to say it. They could make neon sign thats in capital letters saying Ink is over and yall will still cry a month from now asking where are the updates. Just accept that the company is progressing. The software Ink was on was outdated and useless. They upgraded to bring all the new things people been asking for. Better skin colors, better clothes, better animations, ect They cant do those things on the software the ink style was running on.


Okay, Episode is not obligated to keep updating anything. They don’t have to update the portal or anything. Be grateful that you have the stuff you have. Episode is providing us a service and for free. It literally cost nothing to write an episode story. And the fact that episode creates all this new content, just to constantly be shit on … smh. Some of y’all act like you are entitled to have more clothing or animations. You’re not. Episode is not updating INK anymore. And people are honestly gonna have to get over it because there’s nothing we can do. You can still write in INK.


They certainly have not been transparent. On the old forums, I actually had to appeal to them for an explanation for a rumour that was spreading to get any information. They’re now copying and pasting the same response on the forum whenever asked, but they haven’t actually made a post to clear things up. That means that only the people who ask get an answer… if they’re not being ignored.

If they just did a post explaining, I’ll think you’ll find less people would be asking about INK on posts like this.


I can understand that. Yea they usually just talk on the forum or in someones replies. So if you arent looking for the answer you prob wouldn’t find it. One final big post across all their platforms would probably clear up some confusion.


Yet they don’t reply to everyone. There have been many, many instances in the past year (since I asked them originally) that I’ve had to tell confused people what I found out.

Also, a year is a long time to keep copying and pasting the same response. I completely understand people who assume somethings changed since then. If they don’t want these questions, a “what’s happening with INK?” post will quell all but the most stubborn of people


Idk who Alice is x3 but looks better in INK
LL is defiently being forced i like certain features but INK has been asking for those features for yrs( fantasy for example)…most LL arguements are “thts just the way it is get over it” while classic died out ppl dont want tht to happen to ink also…when stuff like this happens to LL the cycle will repeat


I think after limelight gets some updates they MAY update ink. I personally love ink and limelight, I don’t write in limelight but I still like it.
Everyone has their own opinion. :woman_shrugging:t5:

That sweater update was a meh as you only got 3 colors for it and for the sweater and jacket.


Just a question, why it is so important your avatar stays as Alice? (I’m not trying to be rude or anything; I was just curious. ) :email: