Episode app on PC

Not sure if people have made a suggestion about this but I really think that there should be a PC app for Episode so we can actually read the stories on there in a bigger screen as it would be a lot easier for those who can’t don’t feel like accessing Episode on their phones. It would be also cool to print screen some stories you want to discuss and put on a thread to get other people, giving their thoughts on the story.

What do you think?

P.S. I’m not sure what category of this thread falls under. I was going to put site feedback but that isn’t relevant to that.


I always write on my laptop (PC)

It’s difficult on a mobile phone unless, the mobile is a small laptop

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I meant about reading stories on Episode, not the portal.

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Oh, hmm

Well, I’ve never tried that on my laptop, I actually don’t really read, I just write.

I’m very bad for reading

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Ahh okies

But yeah, I think it would be cool to actually read Episode stories on the computer.

It would make it easier for sure

I’m always back and forth from my phone to my laptop

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Same here and I hate it when it glitches too

That’s something they need to look at

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I think that it would be likely to still glitch on a PC anyway, plus the screen sizes would probably be an issue like how it is with a phone and tablet.
I didn’t realise it would make a difference at first until it was mentioned to me, then when I got a tablet I saw it, sometimes parts of characters or text bubbles near the edge aren’t visible which can be irritating. So it could be worse on a PC.
Also I like how I can access episode in other places away from my laptop, with your phone you can stop and read when you’re out somewhere waiting for something or pretty much anywhere. So that’s a point against PC’s there.


I would agree if it was 2015 when Episode was new and fresh and it would actually be possible for them to change the app a little bit but not now :joy:

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