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Hi guys, so I thought (I don’t know is there a topic like this) to open a topic on some friendly advices for the first time publisher’s, like what you like to read on Episode and some words of wisdom you care to share :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :couple: :two_women_holding_hands: :people_holding_hands: :two_men_holding_hands:

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Honestly my advice is to write whatever you feel passionate about. Coding episodes take a lot of patience, work and passion to write. Nothing is worse than losing motivation to write especially because it’s super hard to pick it back up again. Write whatever you want and people will enjoy it. Also take time to build up your storyline and plot along with your coding skills. Coding makes or breaks an episode story so before you write do your research and practice on different techniques. :heart:


I agree with @NatashaRomanoff write what you are passionate about.
In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than reading a story that feels like it was slapped together and made just to “get reads”. Develop your characters, as well as your plot/storyline. If a character feels flat or one-sided, I just can’t get invested in the story.

Spell/Grammar checks

Also, Grammarly is ah-mazing! Even just the free version will catch spelling/grammar errors (and it tells you how engaging or clear your writing is. :slight_smile: Which I don’t completely rely on. But, I do use it to check for grammar mistakes I may have overlooked. LOL) It’s the opinion of many that they can handle a few errors here and there, but not a story that’s nothing but errors. So, I advise this (or really any grammar/spell checker.)


Time your Episodes. (stopwatch app, a watch, a wall clock, whatever you have). The way Episode does passes (4 passes every 4 hours), people don’t want to feel like they’ve wasted their limited number of passes on a 2 1/2 minute episode. A good length that’s not too short or too long is between 10 - 20 minutes. It’s not so long that people tap through just to finish it. But, it’s long enough to feel like they’ve got their passes-worth.

Take Your Time

And lastly, take your time. There is no rush. It’s better to take time and make your story to the best of your ability. Coding is the bane of every new writer’s existence… but once you figure out the basics and practice the more advanced stuff (there’s a thread here devoted to answering your “stupid” questions. I’ll link it. It’s a super handy thread (Plus sometimes you find what you need in what’s already posted [instead of waiting for a response])
"Stupid" questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here!

Fan Mail

Oh, and rude fan mail. It happens to everyone. Try not to let it get to you. If your story is great you’ll get “WHERE ARE MORE EPIS! I NEED THEM NOW!”. Reply I’m working on making them the best they can be. Please be patient and check my Instagram for updates".
I’d rather a writer to take their time. Rather than have them start strong with great episodes then start rushing out crap. ya know?

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Thank you so much! So I thought, I’ll just go with my gut with my first story, like I would like to read on episode and hope it will at least be okay :heart::kissing_heart:

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As long as you make it to the best of your ability and are proud of the work you’ve put in, someone will read it :slight_smile:.

One last piece of advice: Promote your story on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, twitter, whatever) and on here as well. New stories really do get lost in the shuffle on this app and don’t get much exposure on their own. If you want people to read it, you’ve gotta put in the work of advertising that it’s there. lol

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