Hi I need overlay!

Hello, I need overlay for table please!!!

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The kitchen island?

Also, where is this image from? Is it copyright-free?

Yes the kitchen island. I found this imagine on Episode forum.

Do you have a link to where you found it?

I don’t need anymore, thank you so much anyway.

Pretty sure this is a copyrighted image, a reverse search pulled up house websites and aliexpress.

@kylie3 , I would use a different background. If you’d like I can link several sites and Episode threads that offer copyright free art and backgrounds.
Here I made a thread with a bunch of sites for both backgrounds and overlays and Episode Community created backgrounds and overlays.


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OK thank you for letting me know.

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I made a post that I linked above that have a bunch of threads, websites (and patreons) to some great artists and copyright free images that can be sized to use as episode backgrounds/overlays. :slight_smile: Hope they help you out :slight_smile:

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