How does chapter reads work?


I know for a fact that all three of my chapters have been read (reader provided screenshots from each chapter) but that number isn’t reflecting in the chapter reads. Anyone have any idea why?


This is how I think it works:

When reader reads a chapter to completion and is brought back to the story menu, that is counted as 1 read (this includes chapter 1). If the reader stops reading mid-chapter (ie. they are not automatically brought back to the story menu), you do not get a read. So basically the reader has to hit some checkpoint that comes with ending the chapter and being brought back to the menu.
For the last published chapter you have (such as chapter 3 for 3 chapters published), you will not get a read. This is because the reader never reaches the checkpoint from completing the chapter due to the infinite loop at the end. Once you publish a new chapter, the reader will be able to finish the previous chapter and you will gain a read.

(Hopefully my weird wording made a little sense.)


There could be a glitch because it happened to me and I know for a fact that the reader read my story because they even provided a screenshot of the screen that shows how many episodes you’ve read and how many more there is to read.


Hm I’ve never thought about these checkpoints, I just don’t calculate with the first chapter at all. It is pass free, so it doesn’t count as a read either and you have your first read when someone starts reading your second episode. I know this is practically the same, but maybe easier to follow :slightly_smiling_face:
@axoravenwolf @Aqaurius-kiss If you have only 1 read “missing”, I hope this helps.


Yeah, you can definetly think of it that way if it is easier. However (myself and a few others did testing on this, lol), completing the first chapter does appear to give you a read.


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Hi , i am new. Does this means that every chapter will be counted as 1 read or just the 1st chapter is counted as 1 read?


Every chapter is counted as one read.


So I have 1 read on my story, but then you go on my profile and it says I have 10 reads (under my name) does it count the reads I have made while testing the story, or is it just not displaying on the story?