I need advice writing a Muslim Character

So I want to write a story for the Reveal contest, and because they advocate for different kinds of characters, I wanted to make a Muslim or an Islamic character, because I’ve always wanted to include people like that in my stories, and I figure this is the perfect opportunity because lots of people will have the opportunity to read it!

That being said, I have no idea how to write a Muslim or Islamic character. I don’t know how to write them, I don’t really know how to dress them, and I don’t know if it would be disrespectful, as I am not a Muslim person myself, to include a character, one of the main characters in fact, and write them as something I don’t have any experience with.

So please, help me! I would love suggestions for clothing, suggestions for how to make them act and talk as such, because I know they’re people just like everyone else, but I don’t want to make a character Muslim and then get backlash for having no cultural significance in my story.

I have researched a little on the forums and off the forums for how to write Muslim characters, but I don’t think I know everything I need to write a good character.

So please leave a comment down below with any advice or help you can give me, I’m desperate!

Anybody? XD

hi there! i live in a multi-racial country filled with malays (i’m not hehe). but here’s some things that can get you started:

  • malay women who choose to wear a hijab has to cover as much of her body as possible (hands and a little bit of feet is alright) + no tight clothes. surprisingly, lots of malay women in my country don’t actually wear hijabs 24/7. some of my friends growing up only started wearing hijabs when they’ve started their period.

  • acting and talking wise… they honestly don’t have a separate character that’s solemnly for muslims. they act the same as others, they can even swear or smoke (if they’re not as religious whomp).

idk these are some things i know from my friends, if you need any help with their culture or routines, i’m here :>>

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So some women sometimes wear the hijab but other times do not? So it could depend on the outfit the character is wearing?

I don’t plan on making the character smoke or swear, but that’s quite good to know anyways.

Would it be completely horrible if I made the Muslim character super sweet and a bit naive but an expert in weapons and such? (To put it into perspective, the character is kinda the mascot of the team, like Private from the Penguins of Madagascar, so she still has a purpose, but she is super sweet and quiet and reserved.) Is that bad?

regarding your first question, here’s the best answer i can give:

  • muslim women who choose to wear hijabs 24/7 can take it off when they’re at home with only their instant family/female close friends around.
  • muslim women who don’t want to wear hijabs 24/7 usually only wear them for prayers/religious events.

if they’re like an assassin who attacks and kills others, then i wouldn’t suggest to make it a muslim character (in case readers get offended). i believe in their religion killing is only allowed for self defence. but if they’re supplying and making the weapons i’m sure it’s fine :))


So she is not an assassin, she is part of the government task force trying to stop an alien invasion. So she just knows a lot about weapons

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ooh i think that’s alright :))

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Are there any sayings or things I should try to include?

i think try to avoid any sayings, because it’s easily getting backlashed in past stories :>

Oh, okay. I just wanted to know if muslims had something they said often, or something cultural other than the hijab i could bring into my story.

Like i have a Spanish/Mexican girl in my story, and since I speak Spanish well enough I was going to give her some lines in Spanish and work some Spanish insults she can throw at the others.

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If you really want to include words or frases then
Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem/ or shortened Bismillah: Is often said before doing something like a task or eating it means “In the name of god (the most beneficent, the most merciful)”
Inshallah: means “god-willing” or “if god wills” example “Inshallah I’ll pass my exam”
Subhanallah: is usually said when someone appreciates something or sees something beautiful or amazing, means something like “Glory be to god” or “God is perfect” example "Subhanallah, look at that beautiful sunset.


I’m a Muslim so I can try to help :pleading_face::sparkling_heart:

-I would say that, the character is always covered from head to toe (try to avoid tight fitted clothing), also keep in mind, it is a must that we wear hijab but some doesn’t and it takes more time for them to follow the rule which we totally respect :white_heart:

-we say “masha’Allah” when we compliment someone or express joy or appreciation about something etc.
We say “Insha’Allah”, meaning : “If God wills”
For example we’ll say “I’m going to school tomorrow Insha’Allah” (just an example)
Our greeting “assalamu alaykum”, it means “may peace be upon you”
(If YOU’D LIKE TO KNOW MORE PHRASES OR ANYTHING YOU CAN ASK :pleading_face::sparkling_heart:)

I’d be happy to help if you have any questions at all

-Also, sometimes we are advised to learn Arabic (it’s not a must, but like it’s the language that our holy book is in!!)


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