Let's Talk About... Asian Voices!

This week’s month’s shelf is in celebration of Asian and Pacific American Month. Since they will be rotating the 6 stories that are showcased each week, I’ll be editing this topic to add to it, rather than closing and making a new one each week

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

  • Always by earlgreaytea
  • Adventurous: Beyond the Shore and Through the Sea @Cee @Jae_N
  • Waverly and the Pirate Prince by ThereseOnEpisode
  • Second Sight by Aya Mandapat
  • IDOLIZE by Hui
  • MC: Ancestors by sleepycatzzzzz

Week 4

So which ones have you read? What do you like? Does it fit the shelf? Does it fit the genre? Do choices matter? Who would you recommend it for? Etc, etc.


I just saw the banner (?) for the shelf aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa finally all kinds of Asian is there :cry::sob:

From what I see, all stories fit the shelf (since the requirement is either Asian author/Asian MC). Some fit both, which is what I’d prefer but this is nice as well.

Kelly: Revenge has been on my list for a while… so I’m just gonna check that first. I’ll be back soon :relieved:


Wow, I’ve read three of these already :smiley:

I read the Cocoa Exhange a little while ago. I got one of the bad endings though hahaha, but it was still enjoyable even though I knew I was failing. If anyone wants a quick read, I’d recommend this story. But I’d also recommend people to pay attention to, or else you’ll get the sad ending like me.

Blooming is one I read back for the College Days contest. Very smooth directing, mostly light hearted with likable characters. I think there’s a really good balance between romance and friendships in this story and choices do contribute towards relationship points.

New Life Abroad is the most recent one I read. MC moves to Indonesia and it’s about her new life there, hence the name. And I just got to say I LOVE the new covers

It’s like 70 something episodes lol! How quick do you read?


I read pretty quick oof. I’m just gonna check out the first 10 episodes then comment ^=^


I’ve read New life Abroad, and I adore the characters in it. I was having a bit of a Culture-shock when reading it.


I’m already reading “Kelly: Revenge”.

I thought she was white?

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After episode 26-27, the asian trait starts :yum:

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Oh really? I never knew that.

I enjoy your story very much. It’s incredible.

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Wait… it’s Asian History Month now?!

Guess I have to get my k-explotation out quick!

Dare to Dream. The main character is asian (and so is her mother) and I’m pretty sure the author is asian too.

It’s also a really cute story. :kissing_heart:

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i read this one a longgg while ago for a r4r and i’m really happy that it got featured! it’s such a good story and it deserved so much more recognition at the time that i read it. i’m so glad that she’s getting that now! :grin::star_struck:

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I read Blooming.

Very nice story and amazing directing. It’s very lighthearted and I found myself drawn to the characters instantly. I would definitely recommend it. :black_heart:



So, I was pretty sure I had read one of the stories on the shelf. I’ve read Love Scenario, but I read the INK version. I have it listed under romance in my little notes, but I can see how it’s adventure as well. Does fit the shelf, but I do consider the story more of a romance rather than adventure.
I’m not a romance fan, so have no current plans to continue Love Scenario. However, I recall the smooth directing / advanced directing.
Both the Li’s could be considered bad boys depending on one’s definition of bad boy.


I hadn’t read any of these until the shelf went up, but I find I’m really enjoying Senior Year. It’s so weird in the best way. Really funny.

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Did they mean to take this shelf down after one week?

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Uhh, well… sometimes it disappears for a few minutes when they change the stories around. I’d check back in half an hour and if it still isn’t up then we should strike or something :woman_shrugging:


It’s been a few hours already. Maybe because it’s still early in San Fran they don’t even know it’s down yet?

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:grimacing: Sounds a lot like their incompetency showing then. They have been dropping the ball with shelves lately. Maybe they meant to take down the Adventurous one and f’d up? :roll_eyes:


Ohh, that’s very possible.

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And I hate that it is :upside_down_face: Come onnnnnn @Episode pick up your game

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