Let's talk about... classic character on the forum banter

So, what’s up? Today I wanted to share my concern with you guys. As we always see when we enter the Episode Forum, there is a banner that we see even on our app while Episode is loading. Here we have Ink characters, Limelight characters… But! Is it… A CLASSIC CHARACTER?!
As we know, Episode gave up on a classic style YEARS ago. So WHY is there a classic character on the banner? Thoughts anyone?


ddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuccc
did I barely notice this :scream:

all i’m saying is . those characters are my sleep paralysis demons i loathe the episodes original characters with a passion


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I love your pfp :smirk:

Anyways on topic, I actually never noticed this but I hate Classic characters, they just look so…messed up


Probably because classical is still a style choice also I find it more funny how it looks like he’s looking at her boobs :joy:

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