Let's Talk About... Self-Hatred In The Black Community

Hey there! I would like to start off by saying I believe there is a lot of self-Hatred in the Black Community especially among the men more than the women. The women here they are bleaching their skin, ripping away their melanin. While the men, are just trying to strip away from their roots. My dad told me my hair looked like it was from Wakanda and that I needed a STRAIGHT COMB! He also told me his hair was straight before he got his dreads. That is obviously self-hatred, which he is trying to throw on me. He makes fun of Africans by stereotyping them, honestly he means well, but what he does is disgusting.


May I also add. When most black men date a light skin girl they degrade darker women. Like you don’t have to uplift one by downgrading another.


very accurate and they are still doing it, sadly. LADIES LOVE THE SKIN THAT YOU ARE IN!!!


I just wanna come with positive comment

I really love the curly afro hair its so pretty. and I really admire anyone who can take care of it. I can barely take care of my striaght hair.


I will never understand why people do this, it’s so unhealthy and has irreversible effects and alot of times leave burns and scars. Not to mention they always end up looking like zombies.

That was such a big thing in highschool, it was so sad especially when they would shame darker women for not following the trend


:scream: Jeez, just hearing that makes me itchy.

But seriously, I know me repeating what everyone says isn’t going to magically fix everyone’s self-esteem issues, but if everyone looked the same, humanity would be more boring than it is now. Diversity is the spice of our species, in terms of culture and thought, but also it’s just pretty to look at. Everybody from the palest Swede to the darkest Sudanese and everything in between.

Like, imagine if all flowers were red. Sure, everyone is all “red rose this,” “red rose that,” and red roses are nice and all, but the garden wouldn’t be the same without the daffodils, the lilies, the bluebells, the asters. I’d rather go to a colourful garden than to one with only red roses. We like variety in flowers because flowers are beautiful, and humans also have variety and are beautiful. :relaxed:

Be like the flowers in my cheesy metaphor~ :sunflower: :heart_decoration: :sunflower:


I haven’t seen the movie, but without context, I’d assume that was a compliment. “Your hair looks like it’s from a badass sci-fi movie where everyone seems to be very confident with their appearance.” Glad you think so. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Well, there are a few things to blame, conditioning I think is the first. The media, social platforms, music, etc. this has been going on for years. Black women are strong, fearless and independent, actually all women are like this, skin color doesn’t define that. However, black women are the most looked down on, hated and degraded group, therefore, they are strong because they have to deal with this daily. Black men take their self hatred out on the black woman, calling them names, shaming them, mistreating them by embarrassing them, ignoring them. They don’t want their “babies” to be “too dark” or to have that “nappy hair” and so much more.

They want women who they deem as prizes or arm candy, the main groups I’ve seen are White, Hispanic and Asian. I saw a white man once wrote, “sorry, but I don’t date black women. Unless you look like Rihanna” Within society, once the seed has been planted, the tree will grow, and so that colorist behavior and mentality is all but overgrown. Even through all these factors, black women will still love, nurture and protect the black man. Will love, nurture and protect anyone because that’s just who they are.

So, when someone tries to look down on you because you’re a black woman, stand up, hold your head high and say, I don’t pity me. I pity you. And leave him staring at your absence.

And the same goes for women who bleach their skin. They have been conditioned to believe that white skin is more beautiful than black, that long straight hair is more enticing and gorgeous. They too need to learn how to love themselves and stop believing in the falsehoods of peoples words. But, sadly these thoughts, behaviors and patterns won’t change.

(Ignore any grammar mistakes :sweat_smile:)




omgahhh this is so damn cuteeee :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I don’t know what else to say, bc everyone on this thread has pretty much stated everything there is to it… But

Be proud of who you are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You’re awesome just the way you are.


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