Overlays should be able to be props


IDK if anyone has written about this yet but overlays should be able to be applied to characters like props. Basically this function would allow editors to place a prop using the overlay placement tool and then write @add overlay name to CHARACTER so that whatever the object would follow the character as if attached. This could be useful with hats, custom foods, custom drinks, custom masks, custom clothes that don’t require animation such as baby slings, backpacks, leg bandages, blood spots, scars and maybe even custom tattoos if small enough. It could probably save a-lot of editors a-lot of animating as well and make for much more interesting stories on the whole. Plus like we know it already works because given props already exist. Maybe this already exists and i just don’t know about it so if you know a way to make overlays work like props please let me know.


Looks like it’s already been suggested: FEATURE: Being Able to Add Your Approved Overlays as Props. :wink: Closing this one. Let me know if it’s actually different and we can reopen it. :grin:

closed #3