FEATURE: Being Able to Add Your Approved Overlays as Props


So like the coffee, baby swaddles and handgun and other overlays can be added to a character and it will automatically follow one of their hands, it would be cool if we could do this with our approved overlays as well and maybe have them set to a certain size? Or like given the option to change the size for when we add it to the character
Like you know how when you upload an overlay and you can change the size? It would be cool if you set a second default size specifically for when it’s supposed to be added as an item to your character’s hand.

But generally I think it would just be really cool to be able to add our approved overlays to out characters like we can add handgun etc.


It would be awesome, but baby swaddles and stuff are props, so it will be awesome if we could add it as prop!


oh yeah that’s what I mean! It’d be cool to have them as props