Phone messaging problem

I know how to add phone messages for Episode, but how do I add photos to the phone messaging part?

For example, in stories it’s like their “love interest” sends a photo of themselves and then the choices are something like

“View Chloe’s photo AND like it!”
and then the other choice is like
“Ignore her photo/don’t view it.”

It’s for my story and I’m slowly becoming more advanced, but I have never seen an answer to this! Please help!


You’d probably need a overlay :slightly_smiling_face:

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i agree with @iimissyy and I also use overlays for this type of thing. If you want any help I’m happy to!


Yes, please! I need to see how the scripting works exactly for it. like how to place it, etc.

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Ok so what exactly is the scene? x

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Do you mean like interactive overlays? If so this video might help! You can also scroll this persons YouTube page for other tutorials if you need them. :blob_hearts:

Click here for the video: TAPPABLE OVERLAYS - Episode Limelight Tutorial 9

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