Remembering choices issue

Hey everyone I need some help please…
I am just recently trying to use gains to remember past choices, the first few times I used it, it worked fine, but for some reason now, its not working like it should…
at first I had it like this

“Silver Dress”{

@JADE changes into JADE_silverdress

gain Silver_Dress

“Blue Dress”{

@JADE changes into JADE_bluedress

gain Blue_Dress

“White Dress”{

@JADE changes into JADE_whitedress

gain White_Dress


later in the chapter

if(Silver Dress){
@JADE changes into JADE_silverdress

}elif(Blue Dress){

@JADE changes into JADE_bluedress


@JADE changes into JADE_whitedress


but it always no matter what choice always does the white dress…

so i changed it to

choice (club outfit)
With all the same choices

and the gains look like this

if(club outfit is “Silver Dress”){
elif(club outfit is “Blue Dress”){


but it still always goes to the white dress, What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

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Because while putting in gain you wrote Silver_dress but in if it just silver dress it was missing this _ sign

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I looked at my script and I did put in Silver_Dress, I just miss typed I was tired… LOL

but I decided to move my choices around and no matter what is in the last section of


this is the one it always goes to… I have watched so many advanced choices tutorials and read so many tips but I can’t get it fixed, I don’t know what to do!

Okay try like this
if( Silver_dress) { blah}
Delete club outfit is😅 maybe

I’ll try it this way again, I had it like that at first and it was doing the same thing, and after watching tutorials and reading tips it said to throw in a choice name, which is how I have it now, but it’s doing the same thing.

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I didn’t saw tutorial :sweat_smile: I just type whatever I think maybe work​:sweat_smile: (maybe that’s a bad idea,lol)

does it matter that I have 2 outfit changes where the outfits need remembered? the first one seems to work fine and I have done them both the same way!

If your gains are different , I don’t think it will have problems :thinking:

Yes they are different! I may just need to delete the second one and leave it out!

Are you reading on Episode app? If not , you can try that too

I’m proofing it on my chrome book and also my phone, it does it on both, which makes me believe i have an error somewhere, but it doesn’t tell me I have an error, it just automatically changes into what is in the else{ spot.

Here’s the template for the dressing game with gains :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to reset your story progress when you want to test all the options :slight_smile:

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Try what is telling @apes , maybe that will work🤔

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I normally do something like this to choose and outfit to wear, for the day! I will try it and do it differently than I originally had it.

thanks so much for all your all’s help!

Tell us if it works or not​:hugs: hope it works :upside_down_face:

It didn’t work :sob: It still goes to the white dress no mater what choice

Did you try resetting your story or update script :thinking:

What do you mean by resetting? I always hit save & preview

Okay…and now I am clueless why it isn’t working :sweat: