Sinister love character contest

Hi everyone! I am currently writing a story called Sinister Love and I just reached 200 followers on my instagram account @purplepanda.episode. So, I wanted to do something nice for everyone…so I was thinking why not do a character contest even though I am not famous and no one will enter. I would really love if some of you entered. It would mean the absolute world to me. Here are the details…

-Follow me on instagram @purplepanda.episode and like my post that says character contest.
-Repost the image on your instagram page and on your story.
-Make sure you tag me and use the hashtag #SLCHARACTERCONTEST

I am picking to winners (it will be random.)

-Both winners will be a side character in Sinister Love.
-Both winners will get a shoutout of their instagram handles/account and stories (if they have one) on my page and in the story.

My story is coming out sometime in February.

DEADLINE: 26 of January 2020

PLEASE enter! Even though no one will…

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Congrats on reaching 200 followers!! Could you post below your link of your story? (If it is out.)

I would like to read it <3

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It’s not out yet…probably out by February since I am waiting for the cover to be made.

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Oh ok!

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