The Gumball Machine is out for everyone!

We’re happy to introduce our latest and most exciting feature - the Gumball Machine! 🎉

🌟 Unleash Your Inner Collector: With the Gumball Machine, we’ll be regularly releasing exclusive collections of profile outfits and other fun themed items and we hope you join us on this journey to express yourself in Episode in all kinds of new ways.

💃 New Outfit Possibilities: If you’re constantly switching up your avatar’s look, this Gumball Machine is for you! It’s the place to go to acquire a wide variety of special profile outfits that will leave you spellbound. Whether you’re into fashion-forward styles, historical costumes, or quirky, unique looks, our Gumball Machine will have it all–just keep checking for the latest theme.

📆 Daily Excitement: The Gumball Machine will keep you coming back for more! You won’t want to miss out on the chance to collect your next favorite outfit and our latest events and updates. We’ve designed this feature to give you a daily dose of excitement. Think of it as your daily cup of coffee for your avatar’s closet. ☕

🛠 Work in Progress: It’s important to mention that the Gumball Machine is still a work in progress. We’re constantly listening to your feedback and tweaking the feature to make it even better. Your suggestions are invaluable, and together, we’ll make the Gumball Machine an even more fantastic experience.

Just in time for Halloween, the Dark Glamour Gumball Collection will be available to everyone starting this Monday the 30th and only available through the next day! May the odds be with you and we’re thrilled to have you along!


Finally!! I know it’s still a work in progress, but why do some people have to pay real money to buy turns, while others use gems? I think it should be the same for everyone :sob:


Totally agree with that :sob:

But I’m glad to hear that it’ll be available to everyone now :two_hearts:


@Liz The dark glamour theme looks amazing! :heart_eyes: :heart: I’m excited to see what outfits become available in that machine! :blush: :blob_hearts:

But I also agree with what @Marysol.Episode said…

I currently have the option where it asks me to pay real money for more turns, but personally [considering how much I already spend and have spent on VIP for so long] I’d much rather part with 15 gems per extra turn.
I won’t resort to spending real money… no matter how much I love the outfits that are offered. :woman_shrugging:t3: :woman_shrugging:t3:


This is great and all, but I have an issue for a while. And this happened like twice already for me, I think? Anyways I got the notification that the GumBall Machine is available to play, but the moment I go to the app it’s not there. Do you know why’s it going like that?


This! and tbh I don’t think anyone else would, which is why I think you guys should consider changing it to gems instead of real money :blush:


I’ve had this feature for some time now, and I’d rather spend 15gems over real money for this… I already spend a lot on this app… So I would rather spend gems…


Not I

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Shoutout to the team @Liz for designing those gumball’s art/decorations by it’s themes beautifully :purple_heart:

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Uhhmm please I beg
Can you guys please make it easy for us to win gems through gum ball machine?
I’m desperately in need of it

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I’m not seeing the gumball machine on my app all I see on the home page is the newest featured story. :sob::sob::sob:


I had the same question - I spent almost all diamonds when I could buy spins and get awesome outfits, but the last 2 machines I could get more spins only by using real money.
Not all of us is able to purchase spins for real money. I understand that it makes profit, but you earn money from our spent gems too, so maybe choosing one payment method would make bigger profit than different one for each person?

P.S. Episode usually play teenager under 18 or a bit more than that. People under 18 doesn’t even have a payment method, so reading originals and getting/spending gems are their only option.


:pensive: :smiling_face_with_tear: I still don’t have this gumball machine. I had it some time ago, but not anymore.

Same :rage:

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@Liz why does the gumball machine disappear and reappear yet again? will this always be a thing?


It always goes and comes back with a new theme!

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Some suggestions:

• recognizing subscription status so it doesn’t award prizes like passes and super-passes to VIP members that don’t need them. Feels like multiple wasted turns because we already pay for those, so we don’t get any use out of those prizes anyway.

• recognizing avatar gender so female outfits are not awarded to people with male avatars OR adding a mixture of male and female outfits as prizes.

• maybe a temporary section on the top whenever we open a gumball machine that let’s us know how many small and large tokens we have in total.

• backgrounds that aren’t already available to us. I swear I’ve received a background once or twice that was already available in profiles before the gumball machine feature.