Unlimited passes still gone?

wait so did it show up after u bought the VIP package?

Yup, it appeared along with other subscription “plans”, but I could just buy subscription for unlimited passes and for some reasons it was cheaper than earlier


I don’t have the vip offer

I’m hoping back on this thread. I gave up about a month ago and decided to check back in. I sent DMs to both the main IG account and the creators account and never got messages back. I emailed numerous times and kept getting the copy and paste email and told them I was frustrated with it so then the last email it was SLIGHTLY tweaked and I asked for my email information to be sent to someone who would actually talk to me but never heard back. Not surprised.

But you’re right, it is sad and they are going to start losing users. I’ve already started using the app less. It’s sucks to read community stories and have to miss out on part of the story line because I don’t have gems and won’t pay for them. It’s unfair to community readers and writers. There should be some other way for writers to gain support to continue writing. They even say that we don’t HAVE to donate gems, that reading their stories is enough. Not sure if that’s just them being humble or if it’s just facts.

I’ve even told whoever I was emailing with that I wouldn’t be mad if they needed to up the unlimited pass subscription to like $12.99 if it’s a financial thing. I linked this thread and another that I’d been commenting on.

It’s just unfortunate. I’m not paying almost $30USD A MONTH for something that doesn’t gain me unlimited passes for stories I’m actually interested in.

The gem option is a really bad marketing tactic.

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so i have to but something else for me to get the unlimited passes?

i hope they fix all the bugs soon and start actually replying to people because episode was one of my favorite apps and i used to read like a story a day but i’m not gonna watch adds for episode to get more money snd then have to wait 4 hours to read another 4 episodes. if they didn’t make u wait so long then we wouldn’t be so upset about not having the unlimited passes

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Well I don’t know if it works for you, but in order to have episode in subscriptions on my Apple ID account, I bought Episode VIP and after that when I went to subscriptions there was something like “episode subscription” and it turned out to be subscription for unlimited passes and no ads.

I wish I could send a photo to show how it looks like, but I just can’t figure out how to do it ://


bro i wanna cry smmm🥲 and replacing it with the vip section (which i don’t even have) is making it worse😣


hey guys so i figured out a way how to solve this but unfortunately it only works if you have an iPhone, you’ll have to buy Episode VIP first, that’s if you have the option, then when you’ve got it go to Settings on your phone, then Apple ID, then click on subscriptions and episode should pop up. You can cancel the VIP for a week then you should be able to get unlimited passes but be careful which one you click, i’ll try to send a pic and underline which one is the unlimited passes. I hope it works for you guys <3



Not everyone has the VIP option. I don’t. I’m so upset about this huge mess :weary:


Is completely agree with you I don’t have the VIP option either to try the methods people are saying, so frustrating :pensive::pensive:


that suckss :frowning: i rlly hope they fix it for you guys


They keep saying that this temporary but that’s a big lie, Since the VIP package exists, the unlimited passes are gone. They wanted to try something new out and it flopped.

Now everyone is mad and they ignore us and don’t care about us. They are losing so much money.
How can’t they see that?!


I don’t know it’s honestly really annoying. As someone who has studied marketing it was honestly a really bad move for them.

I fully understand needing to increase prices on things every now and then but they took it to the extreme.

It’s be different if Episode was a bigger platform than just a free app but you can’t be a free app that’s built a free community for their users and then expect them to pay almost $30USD/month AND NOT EVEN GET TO USE THE REWARDS FOR READING THE COMMUNITY STORIES.

The only thing we could use is the gems for supporting the authors and bonus scenes. All the authors I follow on IG even think it’s awkward and uncomfortable to have to ask this of their readers.

Customer retention is most important in running a successful business but their just pushing us away.

#HireMeEpisode :joy:


Does Episode show us in your Apple ID subscriptions before you buy the VIP package? I’ve thought about testing this, but it’s not in my subscriptions from pat purchases so it makes me nervous lol

I guess if all else fails at least I could watch the bonus scenes from the current community stories :joy:

does this really work??

I hear it does but am not going to do it am just going to wait till February if they bring our some type of update am scared to waste money but hopefully episode say something at least February if not then am leaving this app untill the unlimited pass come back


UGH! :sob:
Here a thought, why not have the unlimited passes available all the time. Not have it a “special offer.”
I know there are many out there who used this offer for many months, even years before not receiving it anymore. I hate watching the ads, and now I no longer use the app because of this.
side note: I do check the app every now and again to see if I am able to get the offer.


it worked for me, but i’m pretty sure it’ll work for everyone else as long as you have the option to get VIP :slight_smile: