Unpopular opinion : Popular author behaviour on social media

I don’t know… I kinda like it when authors scream at me on social media.

It’s so romantic.

When I’m typing up a story, all I’m thinking about in the back of my head is how I’m gonna get sweet, sweet revenge on those unsuspecting authors by surpassing them in fame.


|omg i actually laughed out loud when i reread that because i imagined myself saying it while doing the potato chip scene from Death Note|


I love your attitude :heart_eyes:


I love you already.


Dangg what an inspirational mindset XD

Hit me up fellow anime fan


Death Note :laughing::heart_eyes:


A mini bump but I was stalking and wanted to share.

I think this goes for small authors as well.

I personally will unfollow any author who posts feely feely stuff. While that does sound harsh, I did not follow authors to listen to rants, or spill tea or like other crap like that. I follow authors for their stories, reviews, recommends and occasional quotes / memes of the day.

I try my damn hardest to never ever share ranting, repost if you agree, share this, other stuff they probably don’t care about. I know recently — (two months ago lol high key my readers think I’m dead) — I shared something like a fan mail that I was mad about but it was also pretty funny and my readers got a good laugh out of it.


I usually find it annoying when popular authors constantly rant about “stop asking me for updates, period” that period thing at the end makes it even more ridiculous. Many people are creating drama for petty things. I don’t get involved other than sipping tea, seeing the baseless catfights.

And there’s a specific group who keeps on using “SJDJWHSHSH” and useless spam. Not my cup of tea. And also, authors who block readers for silly reasons. Such as saying “thank you, next.”

At least treat your audience like living creatures lol.
Update questions are annoying but there’s an option to rant privately instead of making posts/instastories. And that classic “ask me any questions about CC, you’re blocked”


i see a lot of people like that on instagram :sob:

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Literally well said. Everyone needs to understand that popular authors on Episode are like popular youtubers - you have a large following, and with that, comes a lot of influence. I can give examples of lots of incidences of this problem.

Moral of the story:
Everyone needs to understand the difference between criticism and hate. There is no need to feel so offended for someone criticising your work. Take it into consideration and move on. Obviously, its a different story when its hate, but it doesn’t mean people need to share it with all their Instagram followers.

Please note that my tone here is nothing but calm and respectful.

Absolutely not. I would encourage you to try to understand what it would be like to see abusive and downright mean comments day in and day out. Authors are still human, and many “popular” authors (honestly I don’t even know what some of y’all mean by popular Bc some of you think that getting 100k reads makes you popular and it really doesn’t) don’t use this as a day job and are here for fun like everybody else. It’s very easy to scold people on decorum when you haven’t had to go through it.

As far as professionalism, if you follow any popular NY Times Bestselling author, they’re not going to put up with abuse either. Many of them full out retweet while snapping back at people who are being rude. Being a reader and contributing to somebody’s income does not mean you own them. ESPECIALLY on a platform where you haven’t taken any money out of your pocket to give to sales. It does not make them obligated to be nice to you and be steamrolled over, and that’s what far too many people think they can do. Authora are humans with feelings and limits also, and they are not obligated to play nice with trolls, haters, or abusers. In fact, I’ve noticed that the nicer an author tries to be when they’re getting cussed out and pummeled, the more they get abused because people see kindness as weakness.

I don’t agree with purposely sending your following after people. It’s probably best to block their name out if the author is going to say anything at all. I also don’t agree with getting mad over every single criticism and attacking readers who say anything contrary to what the author wants to hear.

There has to be some type of balance here. Authors shouldn’t have to endure rude and entitled behavior every day and authors also shouldn’t lash out on readers who don’t lash out at them. Not every popular author is going to attack you just for pointing out a misspelled word or asking for CC. Those are the ones I’m saying should have the right to defend themselves.

I’d encourage people who think that authors are obligated to just smile and nod as they get hundreds of rude messages and fanmail and comments a day to remember that there is a human on the other side of the screen. They have emotions, feelings, bad days and good days. They have stress. Many of them are dealing with traumatic issues they’re not disclosing to their audience. Customer service agents get to go home at the end of the day. Communication on social media is constant. And like it or not, every human being has a limit. It costs nothing to be kind and supportive.


I know this is a serious conversation but I literally started laughing when you said “that’s a bit rude”. Honestly I love this comment with all my heart

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Well it’s not something bad. They just want to say how they feel. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The whole comment is amazing, but I want to highlight that part alone because I think, above all, that’s the most important.

The solution to this topic: there should always be balance.

  • readers don’t hate an authors story unnecessarily (or for no reason)
  • authors don’t feel so attacked whenever someone does have legitimate criticisms or feedback

Thread solved?


Yes. Oh man thy quote made me see that I left out a very important word and fixed it:


I used to always think this was true. Sometimes I do have that feeling that it is true, but I always shrug it off; I don’t want to think that way. It’ll make an author, especially a small author, upset to see that popular authors have it all. They have a lot of readers and their platform base is full of readers.

Yall talking to me like I have never deal with rude customer or I am no human and have never received any hate hahahaha­. :sweat_smile:

I agree that it can be hard to receive constantly harsh comments, but please don’t forget that the MAJORITY of the readers are teenagers of like 15 years old (they are not even in this community-forum, they just have the app on their phone). As an adult, my point was that I just didn’t understand why popular author, especially the one who are a mom or a dad always act like a hurt victim and spill the tea on social media for little things.
TBH I’m talking about one author who has a child and has left her day job for Episode. So yes, I am talking about these situations where Episode is your full time job and where you can lost everything in a viral situation. Are you really loosing ur time bashing some Internet trolls who are mostly teenagers as an adult?
Yes, it’s hard to receive harsh comments, but most of them are teenagers! Everyone is immature at the age (even me I was!!!) They do not understand how hurt it can be to hear bad comments. I’m not saying that authors should not have any feelings, but maybe they should act more professionally when it’s about little things. This is the deal of working on Internet, you have to deal with the audience and the hates. If you’re making an IG story for everything that bother you, then sorry , but maybe Episode is not for you. And when I say little thing I am talking about the situation where example a reader is telling you that the MC became boring and he’s disappointed and then the author takes a SS and spill the tea on a IG story. Why not just take the criticism and move on? It’s not the end of the world!

You’re just going to hurt yourself and end up in a depression if you’re too emotional for everything. This is the same thing for any other public jobs. Audience or customer, if you can’t deal with that there is other jobs that don’t require to work with an audience, like an office worker.

Anywayyyyy at the end of the day, we all have different opinions and different cultures so let’s just love each other :heart::kissing_heart:


okieee :heart:

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