Uuuugh, Which one?

hey guys, I’m having the time of my life trying to figure out which castle pic I should use. Which one do you believe vampires, with a god complex, would live in and also has a bunch of tunnels under it for some strange reason. :no_mouth:

If the God complex is key I would go with picture 2 because it looks to be positioned higher up as if looking out over everything, plus the surrounding mountainous area would have plenty of space for underground tunnels and hiddden catacombs etc
Both pictures are lovely though! :smiley: hope this helps :kissing_heart:

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Thanks for the input, I was thinking the same thing. but still wasn’t 100% sure cause i was in the mindset of the MC and was imagining the pressure of being in an underground tunnel thats surrounded by water and could burst any moment and drown them out.

Ah I see, yeah that can be harder to decide, If you are still undecided, Perhaps add both to your backgrounds, create a scene using each of them and then do it from a reader’s perspective :smiley: read the scene back through as if you were totally new to it and see which one then fits best :slight_smile: then use that one

where did u get these backgrounds? really cool.

Oooh, good Idea. I’ll try that and see where it leads to.

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I found it while neck deep in google images :joy:

remember u need to use public domain backgrounds. did that background came off from a website when u went to google images?

I searched up “anime castle backgrounds” but just to make sure that I can use them, I’m in the middle of searching for possible owner of the works.

I personally prefer the second one :heart_eyes:

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ok cool. at least its anime. lol.


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samez, I love the feeling it gives off, but for some reason I can’t rationalize tunnels being under it or it setting the right mood that i would need for later on.

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lol yeahz, maybe I should just use both backgrounds? One for both sides of my story, since there are 2 kingdoms (though I’m not sure if I will ever even show the other kingdom)



Thank you for your input, may I ask why you choose 2?

Well they both suit what you’re looking for- possible vampire castles with underground tunnels, but number 2 is more centred which I personally prefer for that reason only :sweat_smile:

makes sense :joy:

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