Why is there so much drama between Groups?


I feel like every week I see an apology thread from some Art Group/episode help group. I don’t know what’s going on because I don’t interact with any groups.

Don’t get me wrong because sister likes tea but…

Why? And don’t send me some long message spewing about how “SHE SAID THIS” or “THIS HAPPENED”

I want to know why Episode Groups can be so problematic? Can’t you just focus on, oh I don’t know, HELPING OTHERS. Why are you at each other’s throats.

It’s annoying and I’m tired of seeing drama on the forums.


I get it!! I’m in an art group involved in the drama and I personally really want it to end because it’s making me go full on psycho.


I feel ya


My group keep getting blamed for it like WTF


I’m pretty much tired of it all I want is to make art and have some people to count on when Im going through things


I still wonder… what do people potentially gain or benefit from being involved in such drama online? Why not go use the time you’re wasting and do something productive and useful instead? Why not help each other out instead of fighting and tearing each other down?

I just don’t get it? lol. The best thing to do is to avoid drama at all costs, by not even acknowledging it and avoid people who start drama or gossip. Not get involved in it.

Surround yourself with people who are positive and productive.

Surround yourself with people who want to move forward.

Not with people who hold you down with negativity and useless drama, that keep you backward.

We are all humans… we should have a level of respect for each other on that basis alone. If you don’t like someone, just don’t acknowledge them or their words. Avoid toxic people. Don’t start some lame drama for the world to see. It’s simply not worth it. It is also very unhealthy… and it can even lead to forms of cyberbullying that can be dangerous, trust me. Don’t underestimate it.

Also, the fact that people are suggesting for a separate section to be made for Art Groups due to this nonsense and annoyance is an embarrassment in itself and a shame. We should be a community of positivity. If that wasn’t a heads-up, then I don’t know what is.

Drama is especially very harmful if worsened. It’s best to avoid it at all costs. I always mute threads with drama. I don’t want to see it nor be associated with it. Art groups have essentially become taboo now; oversaturated, tainted in bad light and plagued with drama since the new forums opened up.

And rightfully so. It’s sad.

Stop fighting each other and help raise each other up. We are a community for god’s sake. Drama helps NO ONE. If people in art groups want to change, then they must realize the damage they are doing to not only the community but to themselves. Put the time and energy you invest into drama into something more productive and useful, whether for yourself or someone else instead of wasting it… geez.


They could always private message each other their concerns instead of creating a whole thread about it-that way there would be less of those apology threads-am sure you can invite more than one person into a PM.
I don’t see the need for drama-use that energy to help others instead!
P.S If you don’t think you’re fit for a group, then don’t join. It’s better to work on art alone and enjoy it then suffer and do it in a group.




I’m bookmarking this thank you for this beautiful post


I willingly read all the drama, so I guess I only have myself to blame for all the cringing I do, but still. All of the arguments are like, middle school caliber petty. I seriously read a conversation yesterday where one user’s “sister” was on her account and saying rude things to a different user. In my opinion, if you leave your account accessible for others, that means a person younger than 13 could access the forums through your account, which is against the rules. So technically, you could be suspended for being reckless enough to let other (possibly underage) people use your account. I mean… it’s not like it really matters, but it would make users accountable for what they say instead of being able to blame their “cousin” who was on their account.


This made my night I can’t with this banner it’s too much


Tbh I think there’s way too many of them, I seem to see a new group every couple of days. And if I see a topic where someone’s asking for a cover/splash etc, it turns into a competition and soon every man and his dog are commenting saying “we can do it”. Then people get mad about “stealing customers”. I don’t know how anybody has the effort :thinking:


Lol right exactly there is always somebody that says they got blamed for stealing art on a thread that is not replayed to that it is very annoyed


I like this thread thx for making it!!!


Oh lol


How are they stealing coustoners when the author didn’t pick them that’s what I’m wondering


Nu uh honey.
Don’t start that drama in this thread.
He’s allowed to have an opinion.
Don’t come for him.
If you have beef message him.
Keep out of this thread.


Huh what I’m not starting a beef or anything I was just wondering why do they say its called customer stealing I didn’t mean to start an drama


Also she’s a she


He is a she :joy: