Your favourite movie?

Hey guys it’s me @Episodeofficial again with another topic here u guys can share your favourite movie so I could watch and share the experience on the movie .

All you have to
Do is promote your favourite movie here


My favourite movie :
Which channel :
Or apps (Netflix, Disney+hottstar ,Amazon prime etc…,) :
Your opinion :


My answers :point_down:


My favorite movie: Hangover (all the movies)

Which channel: Is it playing any Fox channel

My opinion is a trilogy excellent, then I love the story. :+1:

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My favourite movie : Spider man Far from home
Which channel : Disney plus
Is it playing now on any channel (the channel’s name pls) or on like apps (Netflix, Disney+hottstar ,Amazon prime etc…,) : Amazon prime
Your opinion : It’s the best action movie I’ve ever watched of course I have watched other action movies but this one is the best for me


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My favourite movie : Annabelle: Creation
Which channel : HBO Max
Is it playing now on any channel (the channel’s name pls) or on like apps (Netflix, Disney+hottstar ,Amazon prime etc…,) : Idk???
Your opinion : It’s hilarious and I enjoy watching bc it makes me laugh uncontrollably. The people are predictable and not the smartest, which makes the movie frustrating yet satisfying bc they get what they deserve. :smiley:


my favorite genre is horror (blood and gore, bad movies in many aspects)

my favorite movie :
the sixth sense

streaming site:
peacock (it’s free btw)

my opinion :
love it! first watched the movie when i was much younger, and my parents and i have probably watched it over 5 times together. it’s mainly my favorite just bc of how much memories it brings, but it’s also a dope movie. weirdly satisfying movie to me personally.

more movies <3

a favorite guilty pleasure movie:

streaming site:
tubi (also free)

bloody and weird horror flick. no real plot, just enjoyable for the main killer (a clown, i LOVE killer clown movies) and the murder. it may not be a good movie in most regards, it’s still one of my favorites nonetheless.




another movie i enjoy:
the babadook

streaming site:
amazon prime video

my opinion:
enjoyed it, but haven’t actually watched it in a while. i used to have pretty bad anxiety when it came to the dark, and being alone. so much so that i fr cried when being left in our new apartment by myself, or couldn’t sleep since i was too scared. this kinda tackled some personal stuff ig. and the real message also hits issues for me.



just to mention, a good movie imo is “sinister.” isn’t as gory as i normally enjoy though🤷🏻‍♀️

all in all, it’s rlly good. creepy, good directing, etc etc.


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