Announcing the LDR Writer's Contest!

Good luck everyone!!:heart::heart:

This is mine and tldax:

Title: LDR: When The Sun Sleeps.

Style; LL

Description; Life takes a complicated turn when dreams become a reality. will Levina and Thorin be able to fight their way into each other’s heart before those that oppose their love kept them apart forever?

  • Male or Female Love interest
  • Full CC for the MC and the love interest.
  • Advanced Directing
  • Mini games
  • Choices matters!

Author TLD & Episode.honeyy

IG: Episode.honeyy & Tldaxwrites

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Hey guys :wave:t2:

A small reminder from my side… if you want me to read your entry (whole 3 chapters to make it count) then please send me your title with description on Instagram (@axel.aria.episode)

After I’m done I’ll publish my favorite screens from in on my ig stories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


After a very stressful 6 weeks, I managed to publish my entry in time :sweat_smile:! It would mean so much if people could read it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. My Insta is @kookaburra.episode and I am up for R4R of other entries too!

Title: LDR: There and back again
Description: A Victorian aristocrat, betrothed to a man she doesn’t love, meets a struggling artist via a time portal. Do they have a future together, or will she be forever stuck in his past?
Choices matter, 1LI, Limited CC

Good luck to everyone else, I can’t wait to read the other entries! :heart:

here’s mine <3

If anyone wants to do a r4r lmk! Good luck everybody :slight_smile:

My instagram: @emberwritesss

My story title: LDR: Different Planets

Description: You fall in love, the only problem? You live on different planets and are forbidden to be together. Will love conquer all?
CC/Choices Matter/Minigames


I’ve nearly finished reading this… I love this story so much! It’s really interesting and teaches some really important messages too! I love it!!! :)))))

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thank you so much lovely! i put a lot of research into this entry so i’m glad you learned a thing or two :relieved: much love! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Am I the only person who’s extremely impatiently waiting for the next episode contest to come out because I’ve attempted to enter every single contest for the past 8 months but haven’t been able to because I never finish in time or going through something similar? :thinking: :sneezing_face: :upside_down_face:


Me too :raising_hand_woman:


Me lol

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Same! I really hope it will be announced today. I feel like it’s gonna be a good one.


Little late to the party here but I’d really love it if you guys could check out my story for the contest while you wait for the next batch of contest entries to be released.
It’s my first story on here so I’d love some feedback too (I have got a tiny error to fix on chapter 3 but 1 & 2 are ready to go!)

LDR: At Arm’s Length - Stuck in your dorm for the holidays, you strike up an online relationship with a guy at your university. The only problem is you have no idea which one. (Full MC CC)

Hello ,

My name is Theo and I’m a new author on Episode platform. I’ve decided to enter LDR contest with my very first story, which is called “ Intertwined ”.

The story revolves around two strangers, who had to return to their origins during unprecedented times. A twist of fate made them cross paths , despite the odds that seemed to be against it.

The plot depicts the struggles and the perks of a long distance relationship , while navigating a full-blown pandemic .

This is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience.

Will they get accustomed to it? Will their connection be strong enough to overcome every obstacle? Will love support them along this peculiar journey?



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Hi. Would you like a R4R? I also published my first story for the LDR contest.
LDR: I Still Love You

A story of two childhood friends who drifted apart after their separation. Ten years later, they hear from each other and try to reconnect but the distance between them is one challenge.
Story link⬇️

Sure. I’ll take some screenshots and promote you on my instagram!

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I loved it!

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I also need a few reads to reach the 100. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I hope you can give me a chance. :two_hearts:
Have a beautiful day/night everyone!

Instagram: @lanarose.creates
My story:
LDR: Closer Than The Stars
Genre : Romance, Comedy
Story Description : He is sinfully gorgeous, exciting and genuinely cares about you. So what’s the problem? Just the 3800 miles that separates you from him. But does distance matter when love is true?
Direct link: .

I’m gonna drop mine :slightly_smiling_face:
LDR: Flying Back to You
Hope you’ll enjoy it! Best of luck to all the contestants :heart:


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I was wondering if there are already stories reviewed? :sweat_smile:

mine hasn’t been reviewed yet. yours?