Are the shelf/story genres defined?

Hey everyone! I know people complain sometimes about a story not fitting a specific genre, or stories purposefully being put in the wrong genre so that they can trend higher, but is there somewhere where Episode describes what each genre should include? I’d love to know the official descriptions!

I never came across any official description, but if you’re wondering what each genre is generally about, it goes like this:

  • Romance: it’s what the name suggests, which is basically a love story. Stories focusing on love and romance (mostly just one couple but you can add more to your liking) belongs in this genre.

  • Drama: To paraphrase it, this is the genre where things go absolutely sideways: problems, conflicts, arguments… Anything that makes up drama belongs here.

  • Fantasy: The setting of your story is non-realistic, like having werewolves, witches, vampires, magic, or if you want to tackle mythologies, these stories belong here.

  • Sci-fi: this genre is basically Fantasy but narrowed down to the technological side of marvels. Be it steampunk, futuristic, Tron style, Cyberpunk style, or Terminator style, it belongs here.

  • Action: Fight scenes, kung fu masters, shootouts or even the battlefield. Anything that screams explosions and physical combat goes underneath this category.

  • Adventure: Stowaway princess in a pirate ship joins the crew to hunt for a treasure; crash landing onto a no man’s land; Fighting Noch Less Sea Monster or even a Leviathan… Anything that pushes characters out of their comfort zone in search of something belongs in this category.

  • Comedy: this genre is designed to make you laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Light-hearted, witty and funny. Throw as many jokes as you want in this genre!
    Just be sure to make them funny instead of cold…

  • Mystery: The world is an unknown and you’re the solution. Figure out who’s behind the screens, pulling strings and rigging fate. Unveil their masks, learn their motives, and you shall find what you seek in the mystery genre.

  • Thriller: Very similar to horror, but thrillers are emotional roller coasters, designed to provoke anxiety and fear. This is the genre that makes the readers count their breaths during tense moments, and bite their nails during the deafening silence.

  • Horror: It’s a polished version of Thriller whose entire existence is to scare you off your chair. Most of them have something to do with supernatural stuff (or zombies), but personally I find non-supernatural horrors to be way more relatable, and therefore more terrifying.
    Want to have a good scream? You know which door to knock.


You forgot comedy. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Oops let me go back to the OP and change that :laughing:

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I also wanted to add that almost every story on the app can and does contain elements from other genres and that each basic genre also has sub-genres (that episode hasn’t listed or enabled us to add to our stories in drop-down menus) and sometimes it makes it difficult to decide which genre a story should be placed in, but ultimately it depends on what elements of what genre are most prevalent for the entire story.


Thank you, this is perfect! I’ve found it hard to define drama in general, and thriller vs. horror confused me as well. It’s kinda embarrassing cause I feel like I should know this or be able to look online for them pretty easy lol!

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Absolutely, and I guess that’s what tripped me up. There are definitely plenty of times where the genre can be subjective!


A quote I’ve seen in a game: “It’s not a shame not to know something, it’s a shame not to try and find out.”

And you’re welcome :upside_down_face: