ART: Make the males taller, please :)

Please, make the males taller. Every male stands to the females nose and it’s terribly frustrating to spot direct every male so they are at least the same height as the females, if not taller than them.

Certainly, I can’t be the only one who cracks up when I’m trying to make my male character be all flirty and the male character is staring up his love interest’s nose as if he’s more interested if she needs a tissue than a kiss? LOL

Thanks. -SP


Wait I thought men are much taller and the females are shorter

Unfortunately, no.

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But Yh I agree

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they arent, people often spot them to be taller.


I get the problem, but I wanna note maybe dont use enters exist, its basic codeing, and spot directing looks so much better and are not much harder you just gotta learn it.

if you want I can recomand some really good youtube videos there explain how to do it, and it can really improve the look of your story.


:see_no_evil: There’s actually already a thread which has something similar suggested in it:

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I appreciate this very much, however, I was thinking more along the lines of the “generic” males position on the screen rather than creating a whole new body shape :slight_smile:

I appreciate the helpful tip, however, as mentioned I’m aware that spot directing can fix this issue. I just find it to be a lot of unnecessary extra work for the writers to have to spot direct every scene… which pretty much defeats the purpose of the basic directing altogether.

Stay Blessed :slight_smile:

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Support :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Oh no, I didn’t mean create an entire new body shape, what I was referring to was only the sliding aspect of that thread for height which means you wouldn’t need to spot direct them to change their height.

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In case you didn’t read that thread:

So yes, it does slightly concur with your suggestion.

I understand, and read the post you provided :slight_smile: Again, I appreciate you very much! You are extremely helpful. However, I suppose I felt the post you mentioned was stressing the point of new body types altogether and not specifically for a simple male spot shift, it seemed to be more of an afterthought to the main point of their post (at least to me.) I simply want to make sure that specifically the male spot suggestion is seen. Thanks again for being so helpful. :slight_smile:

Stay Blessed -SP


I agree with you, having taller and slightly bigger males would be much appreciated and make the characters look more proportionate. And yes, although it is just basic spot directing, it will save a lot of trouble when it comes to background characters, for instance. It would be great to have same sized male and female characters, much like in Ink.

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I guess I’m the only one who benefits from the female already being taller since I nearly always do make them taller than the males. I’ve seen about enough men scaled to be 7x the size of the women (which is concerning in itself but that’s a whole other topic).

But due to how the females’ feet are positioned for heels and the like, I dont believe they’ll be able to grant this request.


Yes support!

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Again i get your point but but most authors do use spot directing all the time because it looks so much better. Its mostly just new authors who use enters exist. If you read stories you see it, most authors dont use enters exist

I also like to note spot directing is easy now, when I started writhing on episode there was no preview you had to open the app spot direct them on the app and manually write in the code,

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I’d like this to happen, but I don’t think it will. If episode really makes this change, all the already written stories would have to be revamped cause the spot directing (and connected zooms) would become busted

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